Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Icy steps and an ice  covered windshield greeted g-son and I as we headed out to school this morning.
The thermometer in the van said 30 degrees so I'm surprised there wasn't more ice covered surfaces.
I did chores and had breakfast then got the Tuesday laundry and housecleaning started.
Talked to Susie Rindal today a long time friend from Florida that I haven't seen since November. She told me she was selling her horse farm down there. We laughed about how things change as we get  older and it gets so hard to keep up with the things we used to take for granted. Susie is about seven months older than I am.
After lunch I finished the housework for today and started outside but changed my mind when the cold air hit me in the face as I opened the door.
I worked on transferring some photos to Walgreens to make prints from while I waited on time to go pick up g-son.
He was happy today as they had a magic show and did some neat science experiments for one of the girls birthday parties.
His dad picked him up and then hubbie and I did chores in a still cold ,cloudy evening. The high temperature today again barely squeaked past 40 and it is supposed to be another rainy 32 degree night,brrrr as I sit here and shiver just thinking about it.
Swimming trunks, sweatshirt, boots  ??????   Where could Aaron be headed looking like this ???

One of the local churches started a challenging polar plunge that has passed around and got into our congregation.  Aaron and Rebekah got called out yesterday by our associate pastor and his wife, they have 24 hours to take the plunge themselves and call someone else out.
So hubbie and I accompanied them over to the creek this evening to meet another couple from our church as they took the plunge together.
And here he goes Aaron into the cold waters of the creek. I wished I had taken a thermometer to check the temperature of the water.

By the look on the faces as they came out of the water I'd say the water was very cold.
Now Rebekah took her turn....

The other couple are Damon .....

And Karen.....

Here are the four of them as they try to dry and warm themselves.
And Evy did not like seeing her mom and dad jump into that creek at all. Hubbie was holding her and taking pictures with my phone but when she started to cry the pictures went by the wayside.
As they drove us home they had the heater cranked up trying to get warm and it even felt good to me and I was not wet.
 If a couple of the folks they called out take the plunge I guess I'll be back at the creek again tomorrow. Maybe the sun will be shining by then.
 Hubbie and I vegged out tonight and watched parts of the NC State/ Xavior ball game.
God is in control at all times and I  feel comfortable in His plans for my life.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

I have to admire people who do a "polar plunge". we just sponsored a young girl who did it in January and was raising money for charity. Poor Evy doesn't look very happy - she is so cute. Blessings