Thursday, March 20, 2014


After getting g-son to school I had a pretty routine early morning. I am disappointed with one of the silkie hens I sat on the last of the eggs from my blue orpington rooster as she left her nest and the eggs were cold as ice this morning. I let her out into the lot with the flock and broke the eggs to check for chicks and found none. Hopefully she hasn't been a good setter and they were fertilized as the other black silkie is still sitting on a nest full of the same eggs.
After I did the weekly paperwork and payed bills I went into town to run the errands.
I got home in time for a late lunch and then did my walking video. I feel more energetic after I do this video even though it is a tough sweat bringer !!  It is a 2 mile walking video with different steps to work all leg and arm muscles.
After a short break I went outside to soak up some of today's 60 degree sunshine. As I walked around the farm looking for color there still isn't much besides  this one plum tree that is partly in bloom.
These little Hyacinths are getting ready to pop open and spread their wonderful perfume into the air.
The Iris are breaking the ground along with the tulips but there is no sign of my Hosta yet.
It felt really good to be outside without a jacket feeling the warm sunshine.
I think these guys agreed, although Aaron won't be happy about their choice of  resting spots !!!
I had a sewing order to fill for Saturday and with the warmth in my sewing shop I got three sinus herbal packs and one neck herbal wrap made. I need to call the customer so she can plan a trip from Brevard to pick them up.
The chill is back in the air this evening as I headed out to sit on the front porch and watch the sunset and changed my mind and sat inside the sunroom instead.
I had to bake two pound cakes tonight for an order I have to deliver in the morning.
Hubbie and I watched some of the March madness games tonight as we watched NC State loose their second game of the tournament.
Today has been a day of replacing light bulbs as two bulbs went out on this same day.Hope that is not a sign of a more serious problem.
Thanking God tonight for His grace and love and for watching over my family as we strive to honor His name each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

I actually got to walk outside yesterday. The sun on my face felt so good. Then on the way back I had a cold wind blowing on me. I was just so grateful to outside again. Even hung my bird feeder out. Hope the birds find the feeder. Have a great weekend. Blessings

Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

The sun coming out is just wonderful. We've had a nice breeze and temperatures peaking to high 60's-low 70's. I've started prepping the garden for planting.
Try not to work to hard, and enjoy some of this nice sun :-)

Betsy Adams said...

Hi, We have been south of you this week at Cashiers. We saw 12 waterfalls and had a wonderful week.

We have had a couple of nice days here at home --but they say that winter is not over yet... Darn!!!!!

You have some nice signs of spring in your area. We have a few here too--but not too many yet compared to other years.

Have a great weekend.