Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Oops, this was supposed to be the day I got up early and went to the laundry out the road with all my rugs, quilts and dog beds that are too big for my machine.  I did get up early but only to remember that I forgot to load any of the things in my van last night. So guess I will go another day.
After chores and breakfast I took my walk/run in the nice warm sunshine of the morning.
There are state workers marking the pavement down at the new bridge, maybe they are getting ready to put the last layer of pavement down.
I read my Bible and then cleaned the bathrooms, all the glass in the house and dusted the downstairs before #2 son came for me to take him to the oral surgeon.
We made it there a few minutes early for him to fill out paperwork. He was called in as soon as the papers were finished. He was hurting pretty bad and had gotten little sleep with the pain overnight as the pain pills they gave him yesterday didn't work on his pain.
I made myself comfortable and got ready for a long wait.
They had some interesting magazines at least so it was easy to pass the time. To my surprise he was finished in a little less than an hour and came out looking so relieved.
He said the Dr. said it was a very bad tooth. He was going to drill through the crown that was on it but when he bumped the tooth the crown fell off so that made it much easier to to the root canal.
Son had his crown in a little plastic bag and had to go to his regular dentist to have it cemented back on as this dr. only had temporary cement.
He got an appointment for that at 4:40, it was only about 2:30 when we left the first office so we went to Ingles to get a prescription filled and then home for a bite to eat before heading back into town to his regular dentist. He was told not to drive because of the meds he was taking so mom's chaffeur service was activated again !!!
 As I gathered the magazines ,at least they were different in this office, and made myself comfortable again in this office I didn't expect to be here long. After all they are just cementing the crown back on right ????

As I sat there.........and sat there....... I knew this couldn't be good news for son.  I overheard the conversation at the desk between the nurses about a root canal that didn't work and now an extraction I prayed they were not talking about son.
Fortunately they weren't but when he finally came out I knew something was wrong as his skin on his face and neck was blood red and all the receptionists were running around trying to get his paperwork ready and apologizing.

He had almost passed out in the chair as this dentist had to drill in the root canal holes to get the temporary cement out that the surgeon had sealed them with.  They couldn't give son any more deadening so he had to bare all the pain and he said his tooth was hurting now more than it ever had.
I am praying that he is still not one of the ones the root canal doesn't work on. That will be alot of money down the drain and more days of pain before he can get the tooth pulled.
As I dropped him off at his house he didn't look good at all, maybe he can get some pain meds in him and feel better and get some sleep tonight.
I came home just in time to do the evening chores and eat supper.
On a more happier note for news of this day, this is d-in-love's new little nephew that was born just after midnight this morning.
Congratulations to her brother Tim and his wife Whitney on the birth of a bouncing baby boy.He weighed in at 5 lbs and 15 oz.

Talked to daughter tonight and her JV team lost tonight's game to conference foe Franklin but the varsity won so they still only have one conference loss so far.
Talked to #2 son about 8 tonight and he said his tooth was still throbbing with pain but it was a little less now than it was.  Maybe the pain meds kicked in.
Last night and tonight the sky was too cloudy for us to see the third "Super Moon" of 2014. This one is the harvest moon. This is a comparison of the size difference in these supper moons to the regular full moons.
Maybe tomorrow night will be clear enough to get a picture here.

Praying tonight for relief for son and thankful that things went as well as the did today for him.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

I'll say a prayer that your son's tooth gets better as well as his pain. Going to the dentist for anything other than a cleaning is very stressful for me. I was lucky to see the moon yesterday morning. Today it is raining then cooling down into the 50's. Blessings

Betsy Adams said...

Oh how it hurts us Mama's when our kids HURT... I know you want to take away his pain.. Bless his heart. Hopefully, things will work out for him... That is NO FUN at all...

We missed the moon this time since it was cloudy each night.... Hubby even had his tripod and camera ready last night --but couldn't get it....

Congrats on the birth of that bouncing baby boy... Cute!!!