Tuesday, September 30, 2014


A 6:45 wake-up call from d-in-love saying she was bringing g-son up the drive got this last day of September 2014 started off very early.
G-son came in and turned the TV on while I fixed his breakfast of waffles and syrup. He said he was feeling much better. But there is a courtesy rule at school, if your child is sent home with a fever they ask that you not send them back for 24 hours.  So he is staying with me today to wait out his 24 hours.
I laid back down in bed since it was still dark outside and a little on the cool side.
I got up and let Tipper, daughter's dog out for her morning run. She spent the night with us while daughter had a dog sitting job in Asheville last night. Daughter will pick her up after she gets back from her volleyball game at Tuscola high school this evening.
I did the chores and was just finishing up when g-son came running out the back door, scared because he heard a whistle in the house.
We looked all around for something that could have made a whistle sound but found nothing.
I ate breakfast and he had some bacon.  After I read my devotions I went outside to walk and g-son came along .
He got out an old bike he rode when he was younger and I blew the tires up so he could ride it around the driveway.
The day is already warm and the sunshine feels really good.

He is getting so big !
I did some housework to finish off the morning and a load of bed sheets laundry. I also changed the curtains in the living room to more fallish looking ones. G-son pointed out they still had flowers on them, haha !

We had a nice afternoon of building lego creations between some more housework.
He is still a little spooked and had to know where I was all afternoon.
His mom picked him up this evening and he said he was starting to feel bad again and didn't want to go to school tomorrow.
After chores and supper I read some while the darkness fell on this September.
This month has been one of those months that cause me to wonder sometimes if I am boring everyone to death with the details of my days.  With calm weather and a normal routine this month has passed without much to write about. I have enjoyed the calm beginning of fall and have had time to relax and catch my breath from the hectic business of summer.  I only put up some apple butter and dried some green beans this month for a break from the busy food preservation of the last month.
I have watched daughter's high school volleyball games and spent time with all the kids.
Curb market business has slowed down and we had our annual fall old timey  day which was the best selling day of the month for me.
I am humbly grateful for all the blessings God sent my way during this past month and look forward to what He has in mind for me and my family in the coming October.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

I for one have not been bored by your normal routine. I have enjoyed reading your daily blog very much. G-son looks like he has recovered. Sure wonder what he heard in the house. Have a great day. Blessings