Monday, September 15, 2014


Monday morning came too early for me today as I did not sleep well at all last night. I remember seeing 3am roll around and the alarm sounded earlier than usual so we could get my van to the shop.
I think I had too much on my mind to sleep, I do that from time to time when I start planning something or thinking about doing something, then I can't get to sleep until I have it all planned out.
Hubbie was already gone to the shop with the van when I finally drug myself out of bed to take his truck and pick him up.  Yeah, the thought did cross my mind if I really should be driving this morning, but we made it back home intact, thanks to the graciousness of God.
Rebekah worked last night so Evy came to spend some time while mom got some sleep.  She is getting so big and is so fun at this age to be around.  Her vocabulary gets bigger everyday and it is fun to hear her attempts at pronouncing some words !!
After breakfast and a short coloring time she was ready for her morning nap.  I do want to say one thing.   This is one of the best $70 I have ever spent.
These picture monitors must have been invented after I had babies. I was able to close the playroom door after I put her down for a nap so she could not hear anything.  Normally I have had to leave the door cracked so I could hear her.  By shutting the door, it made it quieter and she had no trouble getting to sleep and stayed asleep for almost 1& 1/2 hours.
While she slept hubbie and I started putting up our new storm door on the front of the house.
Either these construction projects have gotten more complicated or we have gotten too old to understand the directions completely but we struggled with this more than we ever have before.
Hubbie and I built our house ourselves after having some friend carpenters dry it in only for us, so it isn't like we never put up a storm door before. Sigh !!!!  I think it is probably a little bit of both the reasons above for our struggle.  They try to make things as difficult as they can so you pay them to install it for you and yes I do recognize that we are older now and things tend to take more time to sink into our brains.
We got the door hung by lunch time when Evy woke up.  She loves corn on the cob.

After lunch we headed outside to play while hubbie finished the door.  We got out the wagon and she rode in it until she saw the slide.  She is brave and didn't want any help to climb up or slide down.
And she loves to have her picture taken !!!
She was fascinated by the pretty purple Beauty Berries growing in the front yard.

Her mom came to take her home for her afternoon nap so hubbie and I cleaned up from changing the door.  It looks really good and we should have changed the old door long ago.
This one has a retractable screen so that I can wash both sides of both sections of glass.
We went to pick my van up and found they didn't even do all we told them to do, grrrrr !!
All they did was get the "low brake fluid" light off. They said they traced the wires to the sensor and found a cut place in one of the wires.  I hope they didn't cut the wire to get the light to go off !
They were supposed to check the back brakes and replace them but didn't even look at them.
So I guess we will have to take it some place else to have that done. What is wrong with mechanics??
We took it to a place called North Main Automotive and I am very dissatisfied with their  work.
I came home to get 3 loads of laundry done for the week and hubbie went by daughter's to let her dog out because tonight is open house at the high school and she has volleyball practice up until the start of open house.
As I sat and watched the early news at 5:30 the weather map showed rain headed our way quickly so we did the chores a little early and just as I finished,  rain sure enough started falling.
The clouds have been hanging around all day with some peeks of sunshine and the rain finally made it this evening and it set in for the evening as even at 10:00 when I went out to load my rugs and heavy bed covers into the van to go to the laundry tomorrow it was still lightly raining.
I am going to bed early tonight to catch up from last night. I resolve to not think of anything when I lay down except my blessings of this day, which I am humbly thankful for.
Good Night and God Bless.

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