Monday, September 29, 2014


Slept in a little this morning, when my alarm went off at 8am and out the window I saw the rain falling I snuggled down under the covers and fell back asleep. Actually I don't like getting up later but maybe my body needed the extra rest today.
After soggy a chore time and breakfast hubbie and I decided to get some business things done that have been on our list for months now.
First we went to another stove retailer, the one #2 son used to work for when he first got out of college. They are the Wright's and are in Fletcher. #2 son is still best friends with the two sons that are now a big part of running this business.
After talking with the older brother Josh we decided on the same stove we talked about at the other place we looked.  Josh gave us a much better deal and we also ordered a stainless steel liner to go in our chimney as it has a build up of creosote in it.
He will help #2 son install the liner for us at no extra charge, I thought that was very thoughtful of Josh.  Our stove will be here in a couple weeks and they will put the liner in as soon as they can get their schedules together.
One job off the list !!
We have been talking for months about moving a small stock investment account we have into a more stable IRA we already have at our bank and with the stock market seeming to be a little more stable lately we decided today would be a good time for this so we spent the rest of the morning at the bank.
We will just pray that the market remains stable for the next week and a half  to two weeks so this can go through and we can stop worrying about the stock market.
Two jobs off the list !!!
We were hungry and it was almost 2:00 when we headed out of town from this so we stopped at a Sub-way and had our favorite Italian BMT for lunch.
We also stopped at Belk's and Penny's to let hubbie look for a new pair of dress pants but he had no luck.
Back home it was still lightly raining. After dumping 2/10ths inch from the gauge this morning I dumped another 2/10ths this evening making for a slick muddy mess.
A man called about the rooster I had for sale and came after him. He just lives out the road from us and needed a rooster for his 3 hens so that worked out well. He was a beautiful rooster and I'm glad he got a really good home.
I moved all my Silkie chicks into a box all together this evening and turned their moms back out into the lot.  The mom's acted like they were happy but the chicks, not so much !!
I can close this box up at night to keep the chicks warm if the weather gets too cool again but they are almost 6 weeks old so they are old enough to be without mom.
Rebekah and Evy came over this evening to see if the new gathering foot she found today would work on my sewing machine. She got it attached and it worked fine for gathering my eyelet lace.
Evy wasn't feeling too well today, so they went home to get her to bed.
G-son had to come home from school today and go to the doctor because he was running a fever but the doctor didn't find anything wrong. He thought it might be the beginning of a sinus infection.
This is the season for sickness to start and this dreary weather makes things much worse.
Speaking of weather the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season has been very calm this season with only 5 named storms so far.
The hurricane experts say this chart below tells the story as the wind shear is so high it weakens the storms before they get formed.
This is a foggy evening ,hope everyone is careful out there.
Thankful for a day of catching up on business and praying that God's will was done in all that I did today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Nothing better than to get certain "chores" off the list of things to do. I am with you about the stock market. It is a great place to make money but also a great place to loose money. Sure can't take chances with my life savings at my age. Praying that both Evy and g-son are feeling better. Blessings