Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Uhhhhh!!!  What a night and morning !!!!
I was not so fortunate to have a hot bath and a heating pad to lay on relieve my back ache.
I did not sleep at all and when at about 3 am I decided to move to the recliner to see if that would help and got sick and felt like I was going to faint when I stood up, I scraped that idea.  I layed in bed after that and sweated what felt like gallons.  Finally I had to wake hubbie and asked him to get me some ice packs from the freezer for my back and my head to cool me down.
I got a little relief after the ice was in place and maybe dozed for a few minutes until the alarm went off at 5am to get hubbie up.
He refreshed my ice packs,got me a cold drink and left for work. 
 After dozing in and out until about 6am all at once my stomach started hurting like it did years ago.  I called them "stomach spells" back then, the pain is very intense and is up between where my ribs come together.  I haven't had one of these "spell" since I had my appendics out in my mid 40's.  I was very surprised and sickened by this return.  I had to lay flat on my back and clenched my teeth in hopes of not starting to vomit as I knew this went with the spell.  I managed a call to hubbie to come by and do the morning chores on his way between schools.  When he saw me he said he would just take the rest of the day off but I told him there was nothing he could do anyway and I would just stay in bed.
He was worried because I have passed out many times during these spells falling into many things.
He reluctantly went back to work and I suffered for about another hour before the pain let up enough for me to doze off.  But that was short lived as my back pain reared up again so I gave up any sleeping ideas. I layed in bed until lunch time then fixed some cream of wheat which sounded like something I could eat until I got it made then changed my mind.
I had to bake some cakes for an order for tomorrow so I baked 12 caramel,1 coconut, 2 pound and 2 wine cakes before I had to hit the couch for a rest.
While I was standing doing the baking I had a back brace with a hot pack I kept hot in the microwave inside it and that seemed to help my back pain.
Hubbie came home from work and we both dozed through the news until about 6:00.
After chores we had supper, I was hungry after only eating a pack of cheese crackers all day.
The evening was pretty normal with chores and icing cakes.
The weather today has been cloudy and cool with it looking like rain any minute but no rain fell.
Sadie my tri-colored Australian Shepherd dog has been missing all day but showed up this evening as hubbie came in from work.  We really thought she was a goner as she is always close by.
All is well tonight and I feel so much better.  I am graciously thankful to God for all the strength He gives me each day and am grateful for His healing this morning as I struggled.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

That sounds horrible. I am glad you are feeling better. Flu has traveled through many homes here.

I do believe the weather bothers my back.

Have a blessed evening.