Saturday, September 20, 2014


Hubbie was up earlier this morning to go up to church and help Rebekah get set up for the yard sale. Aaron is working today and she needed help with the heavier things she had for sale.
He came home and we loaded the van and he followed me to market and helped me get set up then went back to church to take care of little Evy during the sale.  Yea,  he had a hard job this morning !!!
I had a pretty good market day  with more people coming though today than the past couple Saturdays.  Nice cool, sunny weather seems to bring folks out and about more.
Daughter took her volleyball team to Watauga county to a tri-match which they won today, they left at 7am and got back at 9pm for a loooong  day !
After market I checked a furniture store in town for a dining room table like I want but no luck. I stopped at Aldi for baking supplies and then came home at 3:30.  Hubbie was getting ready to mow the lawn and helped me unload.
He had went over to daughter's place to let Tipper her dog out and he did some yard work while he was there, so he was late getting started on ours.
After I had a snack I went to the garden to pick green beans.  Our bean vines are turning yellow and this will probably be the last of the bean picking for this season. We still have lots of peppers and our butternut squash are looking good. We are also still getting tomatoes and a few yellow squash and cucumbers from the late plantings.
I did chores and then took Sadie  for a long walk along the bottom pasture creek banks where she could hunt and sniff all the critters that live along the creek. 
These mushrooms had a vibrant yellow color this year.

Luckily I had my long lens when this flock of Eastern Bluebirds decided to play tag along the fence line.
First there were 5 little bluebirds sitting on a fence and fence post and in flight.....
Then there were 4 little bluebirds sitting on the fence and fence posts.....
Then there were three little bluebirds sitting on the fence.....
One flew away and there was two little bluebirds sitting on the fence and fence post...
Now there is only one little bluebird sitting on the fence post giving me the eye for scaring his friends away .
A little further down the pasture I noticed some fluttering up in this dead tree and spotted this Gold Finch keeping a weary eye on Sadie and me as we walked by.
A beautiful late summer afternoon with perfect temperature and setting sun.
I came back up the hill, made myself a hot cup of tea and sat out in the patio to watch the sun sink over the horizon.
Going .......................
A beautiful end to a busy kind of hectic, up and down week,ahhhhhh  .
God is so good all the time and I stand in awe of His mercy and love.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Any day becomes better when you can take a walk in the beauty that surrounds you.

JMD said...

Those little bluebirds come visiting each spring here in Arizona. I don't see them the rest of the year. Too bad, since they are so beautiful.