Friday, September 26, 2014


Woke to another cloudy morning today.  After chores and breakfast I walked up around the driveway and around the garden  for my morning walk in case the rain started at any time.
No rain came but the dark clouds hung around all day keeping the humidity high and the temperature climbing into the upper 70's to feel more like a return of summer.
I baked 12 caramel, 1 coconut , 2 chocolate, 6 pound cakes and 3 wine cakes before lunch.
I gleaned some tomatoes and peppers from the garden this morning with the idea to make a run of salsa later today, but after cleaning up the kitchen after baking I was too tired to make the salsa today.
Maybe another day if we don't eat the tomatoes !!!
Instead I thought some outside work might pick my energy level up so I gathered the small gourds that had come up from a stray seed around the quail cage and behind the dog lots. I got a basket of these cute little guys.
I pulled all the grass and cleaned the weeds from this area and gave them to the grateful chickens.  They are always happy about weeds I pull for them.
I also collected these gourds that hubbie had to cut out of a small apple tree on a bank below the house because they were actually pulling the little tree over with their weight.
I don't know how long they will keep since they were cut early before the vines died but they are pretty. I'll put cheap prices on them to see if anyone wants to take a chance on them.
These are a couple crossed gourds that grew on my well house roof. The worms are in them so I used them for my decorations.

This got me in the mood for my fall decorating. So I got all the outside decorations and got them set up.  These guys you all have seen before but they are in a different position each year. This year my first car made a perfect seat for them on the front porch.

Flash is the prettiest part of this decoration picture !!!

I love this time of year, the weather hasn't really been too good since fall began but this evening the sun finally came out and ended the day with a beautiful fall evening.
Too bad I have cakes to ice and need to get things all ready to get an early start market tomorrow so I can't stay outside and enjoy it.
The last part of the decade photo project for this month is the "no date" pics.  These I know the subjects but don't know when the pictures were taken.
This first one is my uncle Anderson Holmes on one of his horses. He lost his arm in the war.
My grandfather Richard Pryor is on the far right as you look at this picture but I don't know who the other men are. Looks like a working crew but maybe it is Sunday because they all have their hats off ????
My grandmother on my mother's side Vinnie Laughter Ruff was a high percentage Cherokee Indian as you can see in these pictures.

This is a picture of my grandfather ,(my mother's dad)  in his war uniform. It is inscribed on the back to Vinnie from JG Ruff.
This has been a blessing filled Friday and I am thankful for the strength God gives me each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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