Sunday, September 21, 2014


A nice sunny Sunday morning as I did chores and headed up to church.  I replaced the flowers on the communion table and then visited with my cousin before the service started.
Craig, our associate pastor, conducted the service today as the senior pastor is on his 2 week vacation.
He did a good job and the singing was very good today.
Everyone made it to lunch except #2 son who is helping a friend move from Tennessee today.
Everyone left except daughter who brought Tipper, her dog over to get hubbie to help her shave her hair off.  She sheds and by keeping her hair cut very short it cuts down on the amount of hair in daughter's house.
I took a nice break and did some reading.
After they finished cutting the dog and daughter left hubbie and I made a trip to Sam's Club to pick up some supplies.
I got my first bottle of Air Borne today as my throat is a little scratchy,guess this is the season for it !
We got everything put away and I went back to my reading while hubbie watched a race on TV.
As I watched the weather this evening it looks like the first day of Autumn, Tuesday will usher in the coldest morning air since last spring.

Continuing my decade pictures.....
In September 1994 #1 son was in 7th grade at Apple Valley middle school and was on the wrestling team.  This is the only year he wrestled and I was very glad because I did not like this sport at all .
This is his school picture that September.
#2 son was in the 6th grade at the same middle school that year.
 Daughter was in the 4th grade at Edneyville elementary school.
That year my first cousin who lives in West Virginia sent me photographs of some of the art work that my aunt Winnie, her mother painted.  She was an excellent artist.
This is the letter that she wrote with the pics.
 This was supposedly painted near her early home up on Hoppers Creek where her and my father were raised.

 This apple tree was also in the yard of their farm up there.

I do wonder what inspired this painting. It looks like "sadness" or "loneliness" to me .
 And these last two are pretty random.

She was definitely a talented young lady. Too bad she had such a short life. She died in childbirth of my cousin who sent these to me who is named for her mother.
Looking at these pictures of my Aunt Winnie I could tell she was a bit eccentric for her time.

My dad always called me "little Winnie" as he said I looked and acted alot like her with my spirited disposition, hard headedness and my appreciation and wonder of the beautiful things in nature.
Too bad I never got to meet her. Thankfully my cousin and I have kept in close contact through the years. Too bad also that neither of us received her artistic talent.
  R.I.P.  Aunt Winnie.

A perfect way to end a perfect reflective, restful Sunday, watching the cattle slowly graze across the pasture as I sipped hot tea and enjoyed the coolness of the early evening.
Grateful for the blessings of today and the memories of yesterday.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Your children are very good looking. The paintings are wonderful. Your aunt was very talented. Blessings