Monday, September 1, 2014


HAPPY  LABOR DAY  2014 !!!!
This day signals several things, like the end of summer, the beginning of a slowdown as fall nears, cooler weather,leaf color beginnings and many other things to different folks.
If this first day of September 2014 is any indication of what the rest of the month is bringing it will be a different September than any of the above signals.  A hot, humid day with temps reaching 90 degrees this afternoon before an afternoon thunder storm dropped almost 1/4" of rain made the day not feel anything like the beginning or fall.
I could feel the rising humidity in the air even early when I did chores.
As I did my morning walk/run I sweated gallons it felt like.
Hubbie spent the morning replacing the front  brake pads on my van. He said they were some of the most worn pads he had ever seen, but my brakes weren't making any noise when I stopped.
 I started laundry and then decided to de-hydrate some of the green beans I have just for an experiment to see how they do. The 1/2 bushel I have left sitting in the kitchen are starting to turn yellow quickly I think because it has been so dry lately.
I blanched them for 5 minutes, dryed them and sprinkled them with salt to hopefully enhance the flavor.
I changed out all the furniture covers and bed covers and vacuumed while doing 3 more loads of
After lunch daughter came by and picked me up to go blackberry picking with her at the neighbor's patch. He is finished with picking and said we could go glean the remaining berries.
Talk about hot, this was like being in a sauna as we searched down the rows of plants under these plastic tunnels.
There weren't many berries left and we only found about 3 gallons between us after picking for over an hour.
She dropped me off then headed over to Rebekah's to go swimming with her and Evy and d-in-love and g-son out at a friend's pool.
I grabbed a shovel and joined hubbie down at our new storage building. He was painting the outside and I dug a ditch around the upper side and back so the water wouldn't run under the building every time it rains.
After about 30 minutes the sky opened up without warning and we got soaked with a hard downpour .
There was no need to even hurry to the house it was raining so hard we would have been soaked anyway so I finished the ditch digging.
We came to the house and got out of our wet clothes and I did another load of laundry adding these wet things to it.
Thankfully it didn't rain in town on the Apple Festival Parade that ended a successful weekend of festival activities.

 Governor McCroy came to the mountains to ride in the parade for a show of support to the farmers.

I saw this picture on one of my friends FB page and it reminded me of why I didn't go to the festival this year.
Hopefully with all these people filling the streets each day all the farmers made lots of money and the apple business will be alive and well for another year.
After chores and supper hubbie and I tried everything we could find to get the brake fluid warning light to go off in my van after he changed the brake pads but had no success so I guess I will be taking it to the shop to get the lighted message off or check to see if something else is wrong.
We had a nice relaxing evening after this busy first day of September.
Thanking God for the wonderful love He has for all His children each and every day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

I feel guilty now after reading your blog. I spent the day just relaxing. So how did the beans turn out. Never heard of "dried beans" before. I am almost glad that Fall will soon be here. Have a great day. Blessings