Sunday, August 31, 2014


A 3am wake up call from Mother Nature this morning as thunder boomed and lightening flashed through our bedroom windows. The sound of pouring rain followed as hubbie jumped up and grabbed a rain coat to hurry up to the shed and unhook the charger from the golf cart and get it in the dry. If lightening struck the electric fence it would have ruined the charger.
We both crawled back into bed to get back to sleep. It took me awhile as the thunder still was pretty loud as the storm passed to the north.
This morning I got a few extra zzz  before I got my Sunday started. After chores and breakfast I looked around at the floor and decided it needed vacuuming before everyone got here for lunch.
I vacuumed the entire house then got ready to go to church early to do my "greeter" duties on this 5th Sunday morning.
Church was good and I ended it taking Rebekah's place in the nursery so she could sing the ending song.
After church daughter, d-in-love, Rebakah, Evy and I went to the estate sale that we always go to but found very little. I got a couple cube shelves to put beside the computer and daughter got a couple things.
We had lunch of the last of the smoked butts from the freezer along with fresh green beans, corn and potatoes.
 After lunch Rebekah took Evy home for a nap, d-in-love helped daughter with her online teaching degree class homework, hubbie changed the oil in daughter's jeep , #1 son took a nap and g-son played games on his mom's phone . I decided by the look of the clouds I had better pick the grapes. After receiving 1" of rain overnight it looks like we are in for more rain today.
I picked two large bowls of grapes just as the rain started this afternoon and left an additional 1/2 inch in the gauge.
I usually like to rest on Sunday but with all this produce looking at me on a rainy afternoon. I decided I would make jelly. I made 9 jars of jelly in the first run then Rebekah came and we made another 10 jars plus 3 jars of apple peel and core jelly.  We also made 12 quarts of grape juice before calling it a day.
Daughter came by after youth at church and picked Rebekah up to go get baking supplies for more apple pies the orchard stand ordered for tomorrow.
It has been a busy last day of a busy August. I have spent countless hours in my kitchen this month preserving the glorious bounty of produce that we have been blessed with this season as well as baking cakes for a busy market month. I am very thankful for both and feel very blessed to be able to do all that I do.
After starting the month on a wonderful beach vacation the leisure definitely was quickly forgotten as we came home to a garden brimming with ripe produce.  This month is always the biggest canning and freezing month for me and this year was no exception.
They finally got the road by our place open with a new bridge just before school started back on the 25th.
D-in-love started a new job at the local elementary school where g-son goes.  It has been very strange not taking him to school and picking him up this year.
I met my weight loss goal the second week in the month and have been doing very well with my new healthy diet.
Daughter is coaching volleyball at the school she teaches at and so far her teams have been really up and down.
Market has been busy this month but will slow down after Labor day.
As this month comes to an end I will post one more photo post. I have been doing my unknown pics but have finished them and now I am going to start with the pics I know who they are but have no idea when they were taken.
These are the ones I choose for August 2014.
This is my favorite aunt, Hattie Ruff Holmes who I look alot like but she died when I was about 5 years old.
This is her husband, Anderson Holmes who was at least 20 years older than Hattie and had been injured in the war and lost one of his arms.

This is one of my first cousins who died after  diving into shallow water and breaking his neck. He was my dad's sister, Hattie Pryor Beddingfield's son.
Aunt Hattie Beddingfield also lost this son in the war.
One of his nieces wrote this poem in tribute to her uncle.
This is one of my dad's brother's Cecil Pryor in his military uniform. He survived the war and worked in police work in Buncombe county the rest of his life.
These are old photos I surely want to preserve so putting them on here as part of my decade photos will help to keep them in my memory.
As this month ends and another begins I am truly thankful for all the blessings the Lord sends my way each day and look forward to what He has in store for me and my family as we begin September 2014.
Good Night and God Bless.

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