Thursday, August 21, 2014


Woke to the sound of trucks rumbling down on the road.  I hurriedly got chores done and got loaded for market.
The trucks were dumping gravel in our driveway so I had to take a detour through my brothers drive to get out this morning, plus 2 more detours on the way to market, uhhhh !!!
Finally at market and set up for the few customers who showed up. I had a slow day but am thankful that I did sell somethings.
After market I ran the weekly errands and met hubbie at Lowes to order our storage building. After two previous trips there to get this done we finally found a salesman that actually knew how to order the building we wanted.
I finished my baking supplies stops, stopped by the high school to take daughter some things she had me pick up for her and then took the extended detour to get home . Boy will I be glad when they finally get this project finished and the road back open. It has only been closed since July 7 but seems like way longer than six weeks.
I also stopped at Grand Dad's apple house and bought my first Honeycrisp apples of the season, yum these are my favorite eating apple.
Hubbie was just getting here about the time I started to unload so we got things put away then took a nice relaxing break in the cool of the house and watched the news. With both of us fighting sleep we were glad when #1 son came by to drop off my new modem from at&t that will be both the DSL modem and a router.  My old Linksys router stopped working last week and I have had it disconnected. I decided to replace the old at&t modem when I saw the date on it was 11/2006.
After we had supper and got the chores done hubbie and I walked down on the new road, it is almost finished. Looks like they just need another layer of pavement and the lines.
I am standing in the middle of the new bridge.
We talked to our elderly neighbor, Foy Garren, who was also checking out the progress. He is 92 years old,still lives alone and his mind is very sharp. 
The sun was slowly sinking as we left and headed back up on our hill.
Hubbie broke down and watered our new plantings in the garden this evening as we were passed up once again by the rain.
Thankful for the wonderful blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Don't you just really dislike detours? And why does it always take the DOT so long to work on a road? Boy, I am full of questions this morning. So glad to see that they are almost finished with your road. Sorry to hear you got passed over by the rain. I'll send you some of ours. Have a great weekend. Blessings