Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Up early to be greeted by a very foggy morning,that's a  snow for this winter, and if the density of the fog has any thing to do with the amount of snowfall we are in for a big one !!
 Hopefully the sun will stick around for the day once it burns through the fog.
 I got the chores done before my two kiddos got here today. G-son was a little late and got here after 7:30 and Evy came shortly after.  Rebekah worked last night so she needs to sleep this morning.
These two play so well together despite their age difference.

In just a little while she dropped her toys and crawled up in my lap ready for a morning nap.
While she napped I decided to get a head start on our canning for the day and did a canner full of green beans.
It was perfect timing as she got up just after I set the canner off to let the pressure go down.
She was in such a happy mood she was a joy to have around.
This is g-son and Evy doing what they both like best, g-son building with legos and Evy listening to the music box, well she is checking with him to see if he likes these songs, haha .
Rebekah came over after lunch and we got right to the task of canning the rest of our beans, 14 more quarts, and then canned 13 quarts of tomatoes. One of the last jars in the canner of tomatoes broke so that is why we only had 13.
We had a good assembly line going, I washed and blanched and Rebekah filled the jars, then I put them in the canner. That way she didn't have to spend a lot of time on her feet.
Evy took a good nap this afternoon, allowing us to get more done than we had expected.
The tomatoes turned out pretty in the jars.
Hubbie came home just as Rebekah was leaving and got to play with Evy just a few minutes.
Rebekah has music practice tonight at church and I have to bake so we called it a day earlier than usual and will get back into it again tomorrow.
After chores I picked more tomatoes and bell peppers for salsa and spaghetti sauce making tomorrow.
Hubbie finally got to get some of our lawn mowed tonight after only a brief sprinkle of rain this afternoon.  The sun shined most of the day but dark clouds rolled in this afternoon. We missed the heavy rains which fell on #2 son just up the road while he was trying to mow his grass.
Bertha thankfully stayed out to sea and only caused some rough surf and rain along the coast.
Another 2 little quails hatched today so I made a box for them and brought them into the sunroom this evening.

 The silkie hen still didn't act like she knew they were there, they are so tiny.

Maybe these two will make it and she has four more eggs under her that might hatch. I feel sorry to take them away from her but she never left the nest with the first one that hatched and it starved to death so I am trying this with these. They are already eating and drinking so who knows, hopefully they will make it.
I spent the evening turning my kitchen from a cannery to a bakery as I baked 10 pound cakes and 2 blackberry wine cakes.
It is almost midnight, a little late than I expected to be up but I'm glad this job is done.

Thankful to God tonight for a wonderful day filled with the little ones in my life and the abundance of good produce He has blessed us with this year.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

You sure had a busy day. Love the pictures of the fog. The canned tomatoes look really pretty. You garden is really producing this year. Blessings