Friday, August 15, 2014


Off to a busy start as soon as the alarm sounded this morning,g-son is spending today with his other g-ma.
 After chores and breakfast I took a nice walk in the cool morning air. It is another sunny below normal temperature day, but I'm sure not complaining. On the news they said that out of the 15 days of August this year 14 of them have had temps below average.  Over all this has been a cool summer so far.
I baked cakes for the remainder of the morning and early afternoon. Baking 18 caramel,3 chocolate, 6 pound and 2 blackberry wine cakes.
I finished these about 2:00 and had a late lunch.  While the last cakes were in the oven I bagged my Avon orders and worked on some paperwork that has been waiting attention.
When I got the cakes out of the ovens I went outside for a few minutes to soak up some of that vitamin D sunshine that looks so inviting.
Daughter and hubbie got here about the same time, hubbie coming in from work and daughter bringing her baked goods over and picking up Rebekah's baked goods to take them over to the apple farm where they will be sold.
After chores this evening d-in-love walked up here with both the kids, g-son and Evy. Rebekah had to work tonight and Aaron was talking to  #1 son down at their house.
They played on the slide for a while and had a blast.

We walked back down to the new bridge to check out the progress and the neighbors, Steve and Shelly Floyd came down. We all had a really nice visit.
I came back to the house to ice all my cakes, another after midnight bedtime for me, this is getting to be a habit at a really bad time as school starts in another week.
Grateful to God for the wonderful blessings of this day and praying for His guidance each day forward.
Good Night and God Bless.

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