Sunday, August 17, 2014


Got a Sunday morning "mooing" good morning today !!  There were cows in the yard when hubbie got up, he called for me to get the dog's back inside while he called Aaron and tried to figure out how they got out.
They had been sticking their heads under a gate to get to"the greener grass on the other side of the fence"  when the gate lifted off its hinges. Luckily they came up in our yard instead of going down on the road. Well I guess it wouldn't have mattered if they went down on the closed road.
Anyway they got all of them back in the pasture without much trouble and the early morning went back to normal.
After chores were done we ate breakfast then hubbie left to help daughter teach their Sunday school class of K thru 1st graders. They had 8 in their class today.
I went into church to check the flowers on the communion table and then headed to the nursery for our quarterly duty.
We only had one little boy until Evy arrived. She usually stays in church with her mom and dad but this morning her mom didn't feel well and her dad needed to bale hay before the rain that is forecast to start later today gets here so she came to stay with us and play with the other kids. Unfortunately the other little boy went to sleep and slept the entire time so she played with hubbie . She didn't look like she minded.
Her and her mom rode home with us after church.
When we got home to fix lunch we found out that #1 son didn't make it to church either because he wasn't feeling well at all today. But he came up and had lunch with us. Aaron also came in from the hay field to eat so everyone was here except #2 son who is playing golf as usual. He came by later for left overs.
Hubbie, d-in-love and g-son went with daughter to arrange her classroom out at the high school. The janitors had just piled the desk and tables back inside and there were some things she couldn't lift by herself.
#1 son went home to rest, Aaron went back to the hayfield and Rebekah and Evy went home to take naps hopefully to feel better.
All alone here I took a bowl and a basket of the green beans we picked yesterday and sat out in the outside patio where there was a breeze blowing on this muggy cloudy afternoon and broke the beans while relaxing.
It was nice to sit out there with no traffic noise.
After hubbie got back from school we put Front Line on all the outside dogs to keep the flea population down and then did chores.
We brought a little locking cabinet from downstairs and sat it up in the living room for g-son to put his legos in, both, so Evy doesn't eat them and so she doesn't break apart his construction projects.
I decided to go ahead and can the canner full of broken beans I had broke tonight to get a head start on tomorrow's canning activities. Hubbie broke another basket of beans while I canned, Rebekah came back over this evening and took a basket home with her to break. We should have at least 2 more canner fulls to can tomorrow along with all the tomatoes that we are going to turn into pasta sauce.
We are very thankful for the bountiful harvest we have been blessed with this year.
It is 11:00 and I just sat the canner off the stove to wait for the pressure to go down then I will go to bed with another accomplished feeling for today.
Grateful to God for another wonderful Sunday and asking for His understanding in all the work that was done today, this has been one of those "ox in the ditch" Sundays.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

God really has blessed you with all the fresh produce from your garden . Our farmers here have had a bumper crop of sweet corn this year. So in between eating it I am freezing some. Blessings

Betsy Adams said...

HI, You know how people sometimes think that the 'grass is greener' ----WELL--- cows obviously believe that also!!! ha.. Glad you got them all back into the pasture...

Sounds like you had a busy and kinda crazy day!!!! As you said, it was an 'ox in the ditch' type of day.. I have them sometimes... I can take one step forward and two steps back!!! ha

I did a bird blog today and a Rose blog last Thursday. You'll have to check them out when you get a minute.