Sunday, August 3, 2014


Up to do the chores before church on this sunny morning.
Church was good today from Ephesians.
At lunch everyone was here except #2 son is catching up on his golfing and enjoying his last day off for awhile.
We had sliced ham that Rebekah cooked which was delicious along with fresh green beans, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and fried yellow squash.
After lunch everyone went  different directions. We are all still trying to catch up from a week away.
I had to go to Aldi for baking supplies for the week while hubbie is still trying to catch up with a week away from the garden chores.
I stopped at a car wash on the way home to wash the salt and sand from my van.
I met hubbie out the road on my way home, he was headed over to daughter's to help her put up a shelf in her carport after she spent yesterday cleaning it out and getting things re-arranged.
After I got things unloaded and put away I sat out in the patio and read the newspaper. They are working on the bridge today trying to get the road open by Tuesday.

Just don't see how that can happen but we'll see.
Hubbie and I walked down for a closer look when he got home from daughters.
After chores we picked green beans. We didn't get near as many as the first two pickings but we have probably close to a bushel to can plus many tomatoes.
Aaron and Rebekah came up while we were working in the garden and helped get the pepper plants staked up.
Daughter came by to pick up Tipper after her two week stay here. Daughter had a dog sitting job the week before we went to the beach and Tipper stayed here with Enrique last week, then she had a dog sitting job last night so she is just now getting to go home. Tipper will have to get used to being the only dog again.
Hubbie broke beans tonight while I  did more work on catching up my blog. Maybe in a couple more days I will be back to posting the daily post.
Grateful to God for a wonderful Sunday.
Good Night and God Bless.

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