Saturday, August 30, 2014


The 7am alarm was an unwelcomed wake up call this morning but hubbie and I dragged ourselves out of bed for an early morning.
We rushed through chores, got the van loaded and were off by just a few minutes after 8am.  It was an easy drive to market this early as there was no traffic to fight yet. I'm sure that will soon change.
We arrived and parked right beside the door where I always try to get so our stuff can easily be carried in. Daughter came in a little later and said she was surprised that she made it on time as she forgot to set an alarm.
We had a fairly busy day but not as good as you would expect with all the extra folks in town.
Most of the locals came early and left to get out of town before the crowds got too bad.
I was decked out in my regular apple attire for this day.
Our Curb Market apple  contest display won a first place star this year.

After market we both found our way through the crowded streets and made it to our homes safely.
I stopped at Aldi for only a few things and was glad to get out in the country and in the peace and quiet.
After watching all the sweating people come through market from the street festival complaining of how hot and crowded it was on the street I had no desire to make a trip to the festival this year. I was tired from dealing with the heat inside market today.
When I got unloaded I helped hubbie finish the quail cage and get it in place. We are going to wait until after dark and use a red light to move them without them flying around. I will get pictures tomorrow of how much they have grown and their new home.
After we finished that project hubbie went to work on daughter's weed eater and push mower he brought here the other day to do some repairs on. I decided to start moving some of my Christmas decor down into the new storage building. I am looking forward to spreading out all the tools up in the gardening shed.
I used the golf cart to haul four loads down to the new building. I stacked the boxes and called it a night as hubbie went inside to watch a Nascar race on TV.
Rebekah and Daughter took Evy to the Apple festival this evening, she called and said they had a good time but the streets were still pretty crowded.
As I said last night there will be decade post all these last August days and in August 2004 I made these pictures of my Dolly who was still a puppy and d-in-loves dog Roxy, she had just gotten.  D-in-love  and #1 son had been dating only a few months at this time.
Here I am with all our four legged kids at that time, Dolly, Willy, Sadie and Pepper.
Sadly Willy and Pepper are no longer with us as they both died of old age since then.
This is #2 son holding Dolly who has always loved for him to pick her up and rub her belly.
At that Time Dolly and Roxy  were about the same size, now dolly weighs under 5 pounds and Roxy weighs probably 30 pounds.
As this next to last day of August 2014 comes to a close I sigh an accomplished but very tired sigh of relief from the busy month that is coming to a close but am looking forward to what God has in store for my family and me in the coming month of September.
Good night and God Bless

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