Friday, August 22, 2014


Up early to get this Friday started !!  D-in-love is recovering from a medical procedure she had yesterday so g-son is home with her today.
After chores and breakfast I started out for my morning walk when the phone rang and Rebekah asked me to meet her at the end of our driveway to check on a truck that was over in their pasture without permission.
We were met by the DOT inspector who said it was the hydro-seeding company that was seeding the banks along the new road getting water from the creek.  I guess asking permission to go on private property was too much to ask of them.  They had been getting water from the pond up the road and Aaron told us later that they were probably the ones who had broken down his fence up there.
They are going to open the road this evening without the final layer of pavement on it or any paving on any of our driveways. I told the inspector that was going to be dangerous as water was going to get trapped on the road and cause hydro-planing but he dismissed my worries so I hope no one gets hurt down there.
Rebekah and I came back up here and she had to get my computer working on so that it would print our labels for the orchard stand they are baking for.
These young girls are wonderful on these computers and always make me wonder why I couldn't have figured that out !!???  Bless little Evy's heart she is cutting some back teeth and isn't feeling so hot today. She just wants to lay around which isn't like her at all.
After she left I baked cakes, 12 caramel,3 chocolate,5 pounds and 1 blackberry wine cake then had a late lunch.
It is a very hot sunny day outside with temperatures getting into the low 90's and a high humidity.
I feel sorry for this family of little chicks that just hatched, but they seem to be doing fine with their box being in the shade of a huge oak tree.
I am thrilled to have some little black silkies in this brood. I don't usually plan to hatch chicks at this time of year but seem to always have some chicks after we go on vacation because the farm sitters don't like fighting with the mama hens to get their eggs. Oh well like I said now hopefully I have some black silkies to add to my flock of mostly red and white.
There has been a flurry of activity down on the road as they rush to get it open this evening.
After we got the chores done and all the workers left and the road was open hubbie and I walked down to check out the job.
As we walked into Aaron's pasture I spotted these Indian Paintbrush flowers that give the fence line a splash of bright color.

There is an interesting legend behind these wild flowers.  An Indian brave who was a very talented artist tried to paint the beautiful sunset. He became very frustrated as his colors never seemed to capture the beauty of the sunset. He prayed to the Great Spirit who told him where to find the bright colors he needed.  As he finished each stoke of color the Indian brave tossed aside each paintbrush. That is why these are called Indian Paintbrush.  There are several different colors but around our pastures I have only seen the red ones.
We talked to d-in-love who is feeling better and walked back to the house with Rebekah and Evy so they could get home and into bed.
This is what the new road looks like.
No more detour,yea  !!!!
It isn't finished yet but at least for the last paving they can do it with flaggers and one lane traffic.
I finished the night icing caramel and chocolate cakes.
Got into bed about 12:30,uhhh,  why can't I get things done on time anymore ??
Grateful to God for the loving care He gives me each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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