Thursday, August 14, 2014


G-son came in excited to be going to market with me today. He was hoping all his friends would be there.
I did chores and got the van loaded while he had breakfast and chose some toys to share out there.
Although all his friends at market are girls they still like to play with his things.
We made it on time and he was off to re-connect with Cora, Caitlyn and Posey who were glad to see him.
They played well all day.  At one point g-son came up with the idea of setting up a stand for himself and selling things.  He found a box behind my table and had Steve, the neighbor, help him cut leg holes in it. He called them cardboard pants and was selling them for $1.  It made everyone laugh.

He came up with a game later and charged 25 cents to reach in the box filled with paper and kleenex and whatever else he cold find and grab something and he brought home $3  !!!!!
This was my table today and business was pretty slow.
I was hoping for at least one more good week of sales before the "school starting slowdown" but I think it has already hit !!
After market we ran the errands and picked up baking supplies on the way home.  We got here about 4:00 and were getting things unloaded when #1 son came after g-son. He was so proud to show his dad he had made some money today !!!
Daughter, d-in-love and Rebekah are starting a partnership with one of the local orchards which have a pick your own and a stand to make baked goodies for them to sell.
Daughter and Rebekah took some samples over today and then came back with large orders for tomorrow for this weekend.
D-in-loved was pooped from her first days on her new job so she isn't making anything for this time but daughter and Rebekah had to run to Walmart for supplies for an all evening baking time.
Evy stayed with me so she could have her supper and play while they shopped.
This little country girl is serious about eating her corn on the cob.

She doesn't have a top on because she was also eating chicken pieces dipped in ketchup and I knew she would have the ketchup all over her top. Skin is so much easier and quicker to wash clean again!
After we ate she insisted on getting a ride on the "bee" as she calls the lawn mower because it makes a buzzing sound.
She didn't look like she was enjoying it but when he stopped she kept saying "more"  ,haha !!
He never has the blades running when he lets the kids ride with him so it is safe.
After the girls got back they both headed home to get their baking done.
I did my chores and caught up on some blog book reading, still trying to catch up from the week at the beach.
Grateful to God at the end of each day for the undeserved blessings He sends my way.
Good Night and God Bless.

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