Monday, August 11, 2014


A strange Monday morning as g-son is spending today with his other g-ma and hubbie is off today for his first day of back to his regular school year schedule.
After chores and breakfast there wasn't much to do on this cloudy morning so hubbie decided to ride along with me as I ran some errands in Asheville on my way to a doctor's appointment.
I had to wait extra long at the doc today, maybe because I had a noon appointment and everyone seemed to have appointments around that time.  Finally after over an hour I was weighed in and measured. I am at my goal weight  and my BMI is 25.1 , yea,  no more weigh ins as long as I keep the exercise up and don't need her for anything.  At a BMI of 24.9 I am in the normal range so my insurance stops paying for my visits  so she said she was sure I would get to that point before my next visit so we just called it good today.
When I came out of the office I had to find hubbie who had left the hot van and found a bench under a shade tree to sit on.
We had lunch at Wendy's and stopped to pick up feed at Southern States, then went to a couple places to check prices on storage buildings.  We need to put another building up down at he new barn for feed supplies and other stuff.  Seems we are always needing more storage space around here !!!
We decided to have Liberty House builders come in and put up a smaller building like my sewing shop. They are the ones who put it up and it has lasted for years without any leaks or trouble.
When we got home hubbie went over to daughter's to help her with some things around her house.
Poor hubbie he has two "honey doers" to keep up with, me and daughter !!
I cleaned some weeds out of my flower beds around the house and found this guy busily spinning a complicated web. Don't think I have ever seen the white thick webbing.
I thought we were going to make it through the day without a rain shower but not so as a brief shower steamed things up late this afternoon. It was brief but was enough to create a colorful sunset.
After hubbie got home #1 son came up and we measured to make sure what size building we could fit into the space.
We gathered in the garden some more this evening.
Daughter and Rebekah are coming tomorrow to help make pasta sauce out of the abundance of tomatoes we have this year.
Thankful again to God  for an abundance of produce this year.
Good Night and God Bless.

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