Friday, August 29, 2014


The day started of with morning chores as usual then a little bird chasing as I tried to give fresh water to the baby quails when one flew out of the box and around the sunroom. I finally corralled it in a corner.  These birds have got to get outside in their big box soon.
I spent the morning baking cakes, 12 caramel, 2 chocolate, 2 pound and 2 wine cakes. I bought some apple wine but had to pick another variety jello to go with it to make an apple wine cake since the only apple jello they make is green apple and I do not think a green cake would look good. I chose apricot but turns out it turned the cake orange and over powered the apple flavored wine completely, but it was still a deliciously flavored cake.
I decided to glean the garden this afternoon for my dose of vitamin D for the day.  Hubbie came in from work and helped. We picked almost another 1 & 1/2 bushel of green beans and a 1/2 bushel basket full of tomatoes.
This is what I have let after giving Aaron a bucket full to take to some friends he was going to see.
I need some ideas for green bean preservation as I have enough canned this year.
After evening chores I iced my cakes and then hubbie and I got everything packed up for market.  Since the 2014 apple festival started today I need to get to market early to get a parking spot.
I dread this day every year as the streets into town become gridlocked with the 250,000 festival visitors that are expected this year.  Our little town is getting too small to handle a festival of this size.
With just three days left in August I need to catch my decade picks up so there will be a picture post each of these last days.
In August 1994 my first cousin Winnie Moore from Vienna, W. Va. came for a visit and we went to the cemetery where our great grandmother is buried.  This is Winnie scratching her head as my oldest brother Robert and another lady that we ran into at the cemetery try to figure out something.
This is a clean little cemetery across the Rocky Broad river in Gerton, NC.

#2 son went with us exploring.
Also daughter and my niece Susan  tagged along.
We found grandmother's head stone.
Her husband loved her so much he hand carved the stone front and wrote a touching verse on the reverse side.
Just last year a couple of my cousin's added a foot stone stating that Susan was the mother of my grandfather and great uncle since there was no mention of her maiden name on the stone.
I remember stopping by several of my cousin's houses who live down around that area on that same trip.
Thankful for all the family that God choose to preceed me in this life and all the blessings of each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Damon Marsh said...
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Damon Marsh said...

Would it be a little weird for me to say that I am at peace in cemeteries? All of our family's departed loved ones share the same cemetery. At times, when I need to think and take a breather, I go to visit them and somehow with a few moments of silence and prayers, I am at peace again. I can tell that your grandparents were well-loved, since their headstones are very well-kept. Thanks for sharing that! Take care! :)

Damon Marsh @ Inland Memorial Inc.