Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Up extra early to get things done and get to my haircut appointment at 9am.  Got a refreshing surprise when I opened the door and headed outside as the cool breeze hit me.
These look like Fall temperatures instead of August but it sure felt good !!

  It was nice to visit with my friend/beautician for an hour while she did a conditioning treatment on my really dry sun damaged hair before she cut it.
Back home I started this busy day off with getting the dehydrator filled with roma tomato slices sprinkled with basil.
Our garden is winding down now as the white flies have moved in and are damaging the plants in spite of all hubbie's  diligent efforts to prevent it.
These tomatoes will taste really good re-hydrated with olive oil in salads.
After I had lunch I took Dolly and Bernie to the groomers out at Petco.  This is handy as it is 5 minutes from the house and they only keep them for a few hours to get them all prettied up.
While they were gone I enjoyed the sunny day as I soaked up some vitamin D for about an hour before the kitchen called me back inside.
This time to get the grape butter that had been cooking in the crock pots all night spiced,sweetened, jarred and processed. I was surprised there were 9 jars of the grape butter.  Although I added honey,sugar and some wassail mix that also had sugar in it, the butter was still pretty tart but I have hope that the sugar and spices will mingle more as it ages.
 After chores this evening hubbie and I got to relax out in the patio and watch traffic once again pass by on the road below.  There is still equipment left to help put the last layer of pavement on so maybe they are planning on doing it soon.
I got a call from Liberty House which is where we ordered a storage building from and they are coming tomorrow to put the building up. Hubbie is taking tomorrow off to help with the building.
Thankful for the blessings God gave me today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

It sure is nice waking up to cooler drier temperatures. Looks like your grape butter adventure was productive. Keep us posted as to how it tastes. I'm curious! Blessings