Saturday, August 9, 2014


Up early to get the chores done before the promised rain starts.  Off to market on time even with the extended detours on two road closures.
Daughter had brought her baked goods over around 7am today and then took her volleyball team to King's Mountain for an all day scrimmage. I didn't even wake up when she came with all the dog barking, hubbie said he wondered if I was still alive !!??   That just shows how tired I am after this busy week.
He stayed and helped at market until almost noon as we had a busy day of selling.   I am very thankful for days like this because I know they will soon be coming to an end with the start of school and the end of tourist season here in the mountains.
This has been a good summer for market days as the temperature has been cooler then usual for July and August so far.
After market the sky was dark and threatening rain any minute as I rushed from place to place to get baking supplies and groceries for tomorrow's lunch.
I made it home and got unloaded just as the rain began. Hubbie had been doing yardwork and gardening all afternoon and was ready for a break also.
We watched the news as the rain sprinkled  lightly leaving only 2/10ths inch in the gauge by chore time.
I added one more little quail to my inside flock tonight, she still has 3 more eggs under her.
They seem to be doing fine but are really scary and fly around wildly each time I put water or feed in their box.
After supper hubbie and I walked down to the new bridge to see what they are doing now.
They hauled in all these huge rocks Friday.
We assume by this burlap on the creek banks that this is where they are going to put the rocks to keep the creek banks from washing out.

With rain predicted for the next several days it will be interesting to see what there next project will be.  It still looks like they are a long way from getting the road back open.
As we came back to the house we met another neighbor coming down to check out the construction.
Everyone is really tired of all the detouring to get to their jobs and town.
When we got back to the house I prepared stuffed bell peppers and 7-layer salad for tomorrow's lunch.
I am very tired and that hot bath and comfortable bed sounds very good to me tonight.
Thanking God for a Blessed day and for the successful selling at market today. 
Good Night and God Bless.

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