Monday, August 25, 2014


An early call to the storage building place was disappointing because they had already sent out all their crews so we will have to wait until next Tuesday to get ours unless they have a cancellation.
Hubbie took advantage of the cool morning to do some weed eating.  I got laundry started after chores and breakfast while waiting for Rebekah and Evy to get over here to pick grapes.
We picked 7 big bowls full in just a short time and you can hardly tell we were there !! This had been an exceptional grape growing year. Seems like it has been at least 3 or 4 years since I have had this many grapes to preserve.
We spent the day turning 4 of the bowl fulls into 21 quart jars of grape juice and 8 half pint jars of really good grape jelly.

We also filled two crock pots with grape pulp from 2 more of the bowls to cook overnight and then we will make it into grape butter tomorrow. Leaving 1 bowl to snack on .
Later this afternoon Rebekah went to a meeting at work so Evy and I had fun while she was gone.
She is guarding the canning jars.
And relaxing in front of the TV in a been bag that g-son used to love to sit in until he outgrew it.
The day has been really nice outside, too bad we were cooped up inside for most of it but this evening we went out for a walk and a ride.
We went down to #1 son's house to see how g-son's first day of school went.  He said it was fine and then he was off to play with Evy for a few minutes before his Cub Scout meeting.

Evy and I came back to the house and played outside until mom got here.  Rebekah made a very good supper for us tonight and Aaron came in late from work to eat and pick up Evy to get her home in bed while we finished up the preparation for the grape butter.
I've never made grape butter before but the recipe peeked my interest because it has no sugar only sweetened to taste with honey and spiced to taste also.
After it cooks all night and into tomorrow we will see if we like it or not. You never know until you try some of these things out.
D-in-love sent this picture of g-son fishing at the Cub Scout meeting tonight as the sun went down.
She said he didn't catch any fish but he had a good time with the other boys.
 After everyone went home tonight I got my dehydrator out and got it ready to dry some of the Roma tomatoes hubbie picked .
That will also be a job for tomorrow.
Grateful to God tonight for a really wonderful workday and for those blessings He sends my way.
Good Night and God Bless


Betsy Adams said...

YUM---those grapes look fantastic... Glad you are making so many good uses of them...I'd probably be munching on them all day --as I worked!!!! ha

Glad your weather is good. We have had a tiny bit of rain (which is better than nothing) --but it has been quite humid lately... The weatherman here said that we will have a couple of fantastic days the next couple of days --with low humidity.... Hope SO!

PS--LOVE your header. WOW!!!

linda m said...

I have never had grape butter. You will have to let us know how it tastes. Harvests of crops around here have been very bountiful also. God has blessed us with food for the winter. Blessings