Sunday, August 24, 2014


A cloudy Sunday morning for  a change. We were supposed to get some rain overnight but that didn't happen.
Daughter was here early today to make a baked goods delivery to the apple farm before Sunday school today. She baked late last night getting into bed after midnight and Rebekah baked when she got home from work this morning at 6:30.
Hubbie left to get things started in case she was late getting back.
I went early to church also to create a flower arrangement from some pretty Zinnias one of my friends were bringing.
After I got the flowers arranged and they were really pretty I did my "greeter" duty.
Rebekah worked last night so Aaron brought Evy to church and sat with us so we could help entertain her.  She needed little entertaining as she got interested in emptying the cards from one of the pew pockets over and over again and was quiet as a mouse all during the service.
Everyone made it to lunch of hamburgers and hotdogs with all the fixins. 
We had planned on eating outside but the threatening clouds and light misty rain changed those plans.
We grilled the burgers and hotdogs outside and ate inside.
After lunch everyone had their own agenda this afternoon. Daughter had lots of work to do to get ready for her first day of teaching school tomorrow so d-in-love went with her to help and then they went to d-in-love's elementary school where she will begin her work for this school year tomorrow.
#1 son, Aaron and g-son went to Lowes to get some things, #2 son went home to do laundry, Rebekah and Evy went home to take naps.  Hubbie and I cleaned up the kitchen and then hubbie went down to put our mailbox back up. The grader that took it down was supposed to come back yesterday and put it up but that didn't happen so if we want mail I guess we will put it back.
I am betting they never pave our driveway the way they promised either, but only time will tell.
Later this evening Aaron moved all his cattle across the road into the new pasture they are buying.
The cows  acted happy to be in belly deep grass for a change.
As we came inside after chores this evening there was a misty rain falling again but we haven't had any measurable amount today unfortunately.  The third named Atlantic storm has popped  up and is called Cristobal, but is expected to do no damage as it is pushed back out to sea.

Back in 1984 August was a busy, fun time for our little family as we spent many of the last summer weekends at the lake camping with our two little boys.

Fun times and great memories.
 Grateful for the blessed life God has gifted me with through the years.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

Love the old pictures. Looks like some of the vacations my family took when I was growing up. Blessings