Saturday, August 9, 2014


A surprise rainy morning today to wake up to.  The forecast was for the rain to hold off until mid afternoon but it was a nice relaxing sound to wake up to.  Hubbie is off today for his last Friday off before going back on his regular Monday off schedule.  G-son was late coming this morning as his mom has a doctor's appointment so she is going into work late.
After chores and breakfast I got started baking, I baked 18 caramel, 2 chocolate, 7 pound and 2 blackberry wine cakes before lunch.
After lunch it was still raining so I used a rainy afternoon to catch up on all my paperwork from last week and last month.  I can't believe we are already into August this far , whew it has been a busy time !!!
G-son has been content to build lego projects on a rainy day and hubbie has napped most of it away.
The sun did break through for a little while in the late afternoon giving everything a warming before setting. I took a break after #1 son picked up g-son to sit and watch the final rays fade over the horizon.
It was time to ice cakes and I finished about midnight again, uggg !!!
The rain gauge had about 9/10ths of an inch in it this a afternoon and the rain isn't supposed to come back until tomorrow afternoon.
Praying for all the folks in Hawaii that were in the hurricane that hit there earlier today. Thankfully it was weakened by the tall volcanoes as it came onto the island.
Grateful for a loving Lord and the blessings He sends my way each day.
Good Night  and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Amazing how different our weather has been the past month or 6 weeks.. We have had almost NO rain --and the grass around our area is turning brown and some of the leaves are dying and falling off of the trees. We finally got an inch of rain yesterday --and I'm thankful. But we need more--lots more.

Amazing how much sooner that kids are going back to school this year all over the country... Our kids here are already back..


linda m said...

After all our rain this Spring and Summer we have been bone dry for a while now. Brown patches are appearing on the lawn. At least I'm not mowing the lawn twice a week.. Blessings