Monday, August 18, 2014


G-son got here a little after seven  this morning. Hubbie was up and got him breakfast while I caught a few extra z's.
I got up about an hour later and did the chores and had breakfast.  The smell of asphalt hangs heavy in the humid air this morning.  They are finally putting some asphalt down on the new road and bridge. Hopefully the rain will hold off until they get the first layer down.
I got laundry started while hubbie planted our fall garden vegetables.  He dug the ground up with a hoe due to the tiller being broken down but he did a good job and got cabbage plants,kale and turnips planted . I need to plant some spinach in one of my tractor tires and we should be set for greens until the temps get really cold.
Rebekah called and was headed to the store to get some canning supplies we needed for today so I got the first canner of green beans started before she got here.
We had lunch when she arrived then began an afternoon of canning.  G-son was excited to have Evy for a playmate for the afternoon.  They both had a good time with each other as usual. G-son acts like he is nervous about starting school this year so it was good for her to be here to help keep his mind off it.
When the dust settled after supper tonight we had 29 quarts of green beans, 14 quarts of pasta sauce and 4 quarts of tomato juice,whew !!!!.

Aaron came in from work and we all had sandwiches for supper before they headed home.
After evening chores I got my first look at the paving that was done today.
This is the road yesterday

And this is what it looked like this evening.

They stopped work early today just after lunch time so they must be ready for the curbs to be put in before the finish paving begins.
Rain held off today but tomorrow it is an 80% chance.  We actually need some rain for the newly planted veges and to settle the dust . It was a hot day today with the temps reaching the mid 80's for a more August feeling day.
I finished the last load of laundry tonight before baking 5 chocolate cakes for an order I have to deliver tomorrow evening.
Thankful for the strength He gives me each day and praying for #1 son and d-in-love as they deal with an unfortunate situation.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

That is a lot of canning in one day. You must have been really tired last night Raining here today. we do need isomer just not all at once which know seems to be the norm for us. Blessings