Friday, August 1, 2014


Just as I was dozing off last night I heard the raindrops hitting the sky light in the bathroom of the beach house.  When I woke up this morning I still heard them.   Uggg, rain at the beach, nothing worse !!

And when it is lots of rain and you are staying on the end of an island that seems to be sinking into the sea it just makes it worse.
The entire street in front of the house was flooded.

We all had breakfast and then scratched our heads to figure out if we should go ahead and leave today as the weather predictions for tomorrow are for lots more rain.
The second tropical storm of the season has formed out in the Atlantic and was named Bertha today. This isn't causing our weather here but it does remind me of how quickly the bright sunny beach days could be gone .

At first I was not in favor of leaving, I thought we would spend a rainy day shopping in some thrift shops and just exploring some of the island. When no one was interested in joining me and I looked at the future radar on the computer I was on board to come home.  Traffic will be much lighter today and hopefully we will run out of the hard rain as we drive inland.
We packed, had lunch and packed some more.  We had all three vehicles packed to the rims trying to keep things dry.
We pulled out about 3:15, when I went to turn the keys in the realty said everyone seemed to be leaving today to get ahead of the nasty weather that is moving in this evening.

Hubbie and I drive a different route from the kids so we expected to take longer than they do.
Once we got on the road we didn't have any traffic problems like we did going down and we saw no rain after we left the island.
We stopped 3 times, once to pick up some peaces from PeeDee Orchards.  They had the old timey Georgia Belle peaches, they are soooo good.
The mountains are always a great sight after a week away even if they are covered with low clouds.

We made it home at 9:15 and the kids made it around 10:00 after stopping a couple times to let the kids stretch their legs.
We unloaded everything into the downstairs to separate tomorrow.
It feels great to be home and not have to spend the night dreading the trip tomorrow.

I am so so humble grateful to God for giving all the family His traveling graces today.
Good Night and God Bless

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Betsy Adams said...

So sorry about all of the rain down there. I don't think we've ever been there when it rained much..