Sunday, August 10, 2014


Thankful this morning that no flooding rains came through our area last night as they did around Greenville SC. Streets were flooded there and in surrounding areas as a storm system stalled out directly over them. At least one flood victim died and they are searching for another one as they were washed away into a drainage ditch after getting out of their flooding automobile.
A bridge collapsed sending cars plunging into the water but luckily all these folks escaped injury.
 This is a flooded Cleveland Park in downtown Greenville,SC.

We woke to cloudy but dry skies this morning and there was only about 2/10ths inch in the gauge.
After chores and breakfast I headed up to church as I need to get out a new flower arrangement for the communion table before my greeter duties began.
Church was good today, Rebekah and Renae Stepp sang a couple songs that were very touching.
We all gathered for lunch after church except #2 son who is shopping with his girl friend.
We had fresh green beans, corn and mashed potatoes to go with the stuffed peppers and salad and Rebekah made a tasty tomato and mozzerella cheese salad, yummmy .
After lunch daughter went with Rebekah to the "wee trade" sale at the ag center in Fletcher, they dropped d-in-love off at a nearby shopping center to pick up some new clothes for her new job at the elementary school that starts Wednesday.
Aaron took Evy home for her nap and #1 son and g-son went home leaving hubbie and I to relax for a cloudy misting rain, cool Sunday afternoon.
Hubbie spent the afternoon watching a race on TV while I spent it searching through my pics for the August decade pics.
To start the decade pics off this isn't a photo that was made in August 1914 but it is an early pic of my mother who was born  on August 8, 1914.
In this pic she was in a parade of some sort and that is why she is dressed this way.

As I did chores and peeked under the sitting Silkie I found another baby Quail chick to add to the inside flock.  She still doesn't act like she knows they are even there as they are so much smaller than chicken chicks.
The four little quails have quickly bonded and move sometimes as one around the box.
I sat out in the sunroom tonight and caught up on my blog book reading. I enjoy going back in the four previous years to see what was happening on these same days. I got behind when we were on vacation and needed to catch up.
The temperature cooled down tonight after a brief shower making it uncomfortable out there without a blanket over my legs.  Can fall weather be coming soon ????    It is definitely getting noticeably dark sooner each evening. These temps are not typical August temps but we will gladly take them !

Thankful to God for all the blessings of this day and for my church family who I am blessed to worship with each week.
Good Night and God Bless


Betsy Adams said...

We love that park in Greenville, SC There are some neat waterfalls around there... Hope they didn't get too much damage.

We are still desperate for rain here. It's gotten much more humid here the past couple of days --but no rain here. (It has rained in areas around us --but nothing here.)

Pray for RAIN for us.

linda m said...

We got some rain yesterday and maybe today. So sad about the people that died. Blessings