Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Woke to a ringing phone this morning as cake orders come in for the holiday weekend. I also heard another unfamiliar sound as I stretched and got ready to get out of bed and that was the loud peeping of one of the little quails out in the sunroom.  I told hubbie, who had taken today off to be here with the guys who put up our new storage building,I'll bet one of them had flown out of the tall box I had them in.  When we got up and dressed and went in to check one of the little birds was sitting on the window sill outside the box. We caught him and put him back with his siblings then I went up to get a screen to place over the box while hubbie watched to make sure they didn't fly out again.
Hubbie has almost got their new outside box ready.
After chores and breakfast the builders came bringing the storage building. It took them less than 5 hours to completely build it.
I really like it and it fits perfectly in the area we chose for it.

Hubbie will paint it grey to match all our other buildings.
Aaron and Rebekah had to go to the insurance office today so Evy stayed with hubbie and I. She is so cute and is a good girl.
I baked cakes while hubbie played with her. I baked 18 caramel,3 chocolate,5 pound cakes and 1 blackberry wine cake. I took over Evy, feeding her lunch and then we went outside to check out the building before her mom came after her.   Hubbie got on the lawn mower.
After Evy left I decided to get a job done that I have been putting off for a couple months now.  I cleaned out all my chicken houses and hatching boxes. I needed to do this before I went on vacation but never got time.  My pile of garden fertilizer grew alot today !!  All the chickens acted like they appreciated the new fresh smelling shavings that now line the floors of their houses.
I met a friend with 5 caramel cakes to take back to Florida with her then did chores and had supper.
Daughter sent a picture of the fried apple pies she is making for the apple orchard stand for the busy weekend coming up.
Friday started the 2014 Apple Festival and all the apple farms around the area are gearing up for all the activity. The weather looks like it will be a good weekend for a festival.
No time for relaxing this evening as I did weekly paperwork and iced cakes until after midnight once again.
We never know what the added activity will do for our business as the streets get so crowded with festival goers that customers can't get into market.
Praying for safe travel for all the folks who will be on the roads this weekend.
Good Night and God Bless.

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