Wednesday, August 13, 2014


G-son got here about 7:45 this morning as this is d-in-love's first day on her new job at the Elementary school.
After chores and breakfast I went on a  brisk morning walk which brought out chill bumps from the cool breeze that has followed the cold front into our area.
Definitely feels like a fall morning.
I baked cakes all morning, 18 caramel, 3 chocolate, 8 pound and 2 blackberry wine cakes.
We had a late lunch, then while the last cakes were in the ovens I canned a basket of tomatoes  hubbie brought in late last night. These are the heirloom variety and are very soft and with all the rain we have had lately wouldn't keep another day so I have 7 quarts of canned tomatoes to add to my stock for the year.
G-son says the house still smells like spaghetti sauce.
After his dad picked him up hubbie got on the lawn mower while I did the chores.  He ran out of gas, so we walked down to #1 son's house to borrow enough to get the mower back into the garage until he can buy some gas tomorrow.
We walked out on the new bridge while we were down there. They are slowly making some progress but it still looks like they have a lot to do before the road opens.
I spent the evening doing weekly paperwork then icing all my cakes.
To continue with the decade pictures for August.  These photos have August dates on them and say I am about 1 month old in them.
My mother, holding me, her first born.
My dad and me pose in the field where he was always working.
My favorite aunt Hattie Holmes.
Hattie's husband Anderson Holmes and me.
My mom's youngest sister, my aunt Mary and me pose for a pic.
As you might guess I was the first baby girl born to my mom's family in our area. Her sister Carol had 3 girls older than me but they all lived in Michigan. My mother's other sister Gertie Mae lived in the area but she had 2 boys.  Guess I was a spoiled little girl for a little while back then.
Thankful to a loving Lord for the life I have led and thankful that He has been my Rock along the way.
Good Night and God Bless.

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