Sunday, September 7, 2014


Church was nice today, this is one of two Sundays a month that I don't have any duties but fixing flowers on the communion table. The flowers didn't take long today and gave me plenty of time to visit with friends before the service started.
One of my friends had a minor knee surgery and is having all kinds of problems with healing, please say a prayer for Robin, I'm sure she would appreciate them.
The sermon was from ll Timothy  again today.
After church everyone but #2 son made it to lunch. I fixed chicken parmasean with green beans and corn to go with it, hubbie fried some of the late yellow squash he is getting from the garden. We had some of Rebekah's apple dumplings for dessert, yum yum !!
After lunch after everyone left hubbie wanted to get the doors of our new storage building painted before the predicted rains came.  I started cleaning out the old garden shed.  I cannot understand how all this random stuff finds it's way into my sheds ?????
After hubbie finished painting he helped me move the rest of my Christmas decorations down into the new shed.I found a nest of the very large black ants in some of the plastic candy canes I had and so they were thrown away.  Other than that we saw no more signs of other critters which was a good thing.
#2 son came by for left overs from lunch and help get all the stuff thrown back into the garden shed as the rains started falling.
We came inside and had a nice visit before he headed home to beat the storms that seemed to be brewing. 
The hard rain and storms missed our area thankfully this evening so far and we are just getting a good steady light rain.
I cooked down a pot full of apple peels and cores from the girl's apple pie making this evening and strained the juice off them. I will let the juice stand overnight so the sediment will drop to the bottom and in the morning it will be ready to make jelly from.  The juice is a very pretty color and the kitchen smells Heavenly tonight.
I haven't made any apple jelly in several years so hopefully this will turn out good.
Thankful for a blessed Sunday filled with family and friends and the love of a gracious loving Heavenly Father.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

It always amazes me how much "stuff" a person has. Every time I go thru mine and throw out junk I seem to collect it back again. Apple jelly sounds real good about now. My mother used to always make some and I do miss it. Blessings