Monday, September 8, 2014


Woke up several times all during the wee morning hours today to the sound of pounding rain on the roof.  I didn't know what to expect when we got up today.
A whopping 2& 1/2 inches in the gauge explained all the noise of the night.This system that dropped flooding rains all around our area was pushing out to sea early this morning leaving us with a cloudy cool 70 degree day.

Hubbie had a yearly physical appointment this morning at 9am so he was gone early to have his bloodwork done.
After chores and breakfast I did my morning walk/run and checked out any rain damage we had.  I didn't find much only a couple small gulleys and a misplaced rock that turned water into the horse barn below the new storage.  I also discovered that I need to dig the ditch deeper around the new building to allow all the water to drain around it instead of running under it.
Back inside I made the apple jelly from the juice that sat overnight.  It turned out to be really pretty and flavorful but is slow to set.

 If this batch doesn't gel, I'm done making apple peel jelly for the year, there is only so much apple syrup we can use !!!   The left over that I poured into a bowl on the table had set by this evening so I still have hopes for the 11 jars.
I went by the recipe that came with the Mrs. Wages fruit pectin exactly except I put in some cinnamon sticks and clove while I boiled the juice.  I scooped them out before I poured it in the jars so I wouldn't think this had any effect on the gelling process.
I had lunch as hubbie came in with chicken feed to restock my supply and was happy with his dr.'s appointment as his blood pressure is lower than it has been in years.
After lunch he went down the drive to make some small repairs and I worked on ditching the water around the building.
While it was still cloudy and cool I decided this would be a good day to work some in my sewing shop. I got 9 jean aprons cut out and matched with lace.
Rebekah's sisters are visiting this week and they all walked over for a short visit this afternoon.
I finished the last load of today's laundry and then headed out to the high school to watch daughter's team play volleyball.  They played a cross county rival Hendersonville.  Her JV team won both their very close matches.  This is the JV team on the court, daughter is the coach on the far side under the big N.
She gives intense instructions to her team.
 Ready to go back on the court.
Celebrating victory !!!

Getting ready for the varsity match. The white haired lady on the right,Ms. Case, is a retired teacher who substitutes and helps with all the sports teams.  She taught daughter when she went to this high school.
The varsity team gets ready to play.
Unfortunately the varsity team lost both their matches.  I watched the first one and they kept it very close and lost 28-26 .
 I left and came home to feed all the animals who were already wondering why the heck their supper was over 30 minutes late.
Daughter called and said it was like they just gave up in the second set and the score wasn't even close.
I spent the evening working on my blog book and catching up on my blog reading.
Thankful for the blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Sure hope your apple jelly sets okay. It does look pretty. Tell hubby congrats on his good report from the doctor. We haven't had a lot of rain lately just a few showers here and there. But Fall colors are starting to show. Blessings

Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

I hope your jelly sets, it's very disappointing when you put all the work into making jelly and it doesn't set.

We've received about 1 inch of rain. Temperatures to heat up today in the high 90's, then tomorrow we start taking a nose dive to the 40-50's. I'm looking forward to the change of temperatures. We can open up the house and get fresh air inside.

I'm sorry to hear the varsity team lost both of their matches.

Have a great week.

Gail said...

If it does not set it will make wonderful pancake topping. It looks beautiful.

Rain sounds like a blessing. Will be glad when we get more.

According to the fogs in August we are in for a rough winter.