Friday, September 5, 2014


Out early into the morning, greeted by a bunch of these spider webs.. There is a saying that a spider web can turn the gentlest woman into a karate master in seconds and I can attest to that today !!

They are tangled masterpieces but nasty when you run into them and have to peel them off you face and hair,uhhh !!!!
After breakfast I did some housecleaning, then Rebekah picked me up to go with her to make the orchard baked goods delivery and then on to the beauty shop for Evy's first haircut experience. She also had a haircut appointment and needed someone to hang on to Evy during that.
We were late after an extended stay at the apple farm but Karen didn't seem to mind as she was great with Evy. Unbelievably this little girl sat still as a mouse and got a nice trim, making her hair look nice a thick.

She was also a very good girl while mom got her hair trimmed.
We went to Big Lots then came home to have lunch.
I baked cakes for the rest of the afternoon. Including these special order applesauce cakes for a regular customer's pastor's birthday party tomorrow afternoon.
I hate to make special order cakes because you never know what someone is expecting when they ask for what they think they have had. I also made 12 caramel, and  3 chocolate cakes. 
The clouds moved in and out all afternoon and evening leaving everyone guessing what the weather would do. Hubbie took a chance and did some painting on our storage building.
The sky looked very different in any direction you looked this evening.

I came inside and iced caramel and chocolate cakes, got everything ready for market.
God is good all the time !
Good Night and God Bless

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