Tuesday, September 2, 2014

DOLLY , (not the dog)

Woke to another sunny,hot morning today. After chores and breakfast I walked early hoping to avoid the heat.  I still sweated a bunch in the high humidity.
This is our garden in this September. The fall garden things haven't had much rain and are not doing so well, hubbie is giving them a few more days after the recent rains we had to see if he needs to replant.
And this is the promised pics of the new quail abode the hubbie built from scrap lumber.
The four little quail chicks have grown alot in the last month and seem to be enjoying their new home.
After my walk I came inside to get the dehydrator fired up again and full of tomatoes. I put all the blackberries I picked yesterday in bags and got them in the freezer. Which reminded me I need to defrost the freezer, but not today, there is too much on the agenda already.
I started housecleaning and rearranging some things to fit the two little book case cubes I bought Sunday at the estate sale on both sides of my computer. You know me when I rearrange one thing that leads to many more re-arrangements !!!
At about 2:00 I started the weekly housecleaning and worked nonstop for over two hours but the house needed a good deeper cleaning that it hasn't been getting with all the other things that have been going on.
I still have a magazine re-organization project to finish but that can wait for another day.
I trimmed a bush outside the sunroom that was growing up in front of one of the windows and while I was outside I cleaned and swept off all the porches. Fall is a time when the spider webs will take over if you don't keep them swept down.
Evy came to spent the evening with me while her mom went to music practice at church and she was in a great mood until it was time to go to bed and she didn't want her fun to be interupted by sleep.
She had just gotten settled down when her mom came to pick her up.
Talked to daughter tonight and her teams both won their volleyball games tonight over county rival East Henderson.
Hubbie finished the base coat of paint on our new storage building this evening and is hoping it doesn't rain until at least after midnight.
The clouds stayed with us all afternoon and we heard thunder in the distance but all the rain went around us today.
The Atlantic has it's fourth named storm of the season and she is "Dolly" .  Dolly will stay a tropical storm and go directly west into Mexico.
After things settled down tonight I made 6 pound cakes to get a head start on tomorrow's baking.
Today has been another of those non stop days for me and it is a great feeling at night to look around at all I have accomplished in the day.
Thankful always for the blessings of the Lord in all that I do and for the blessing of health and strength He provides for me each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

You sure had a very productive day. Could you send me some of your energy? I seem to have lost a lot of mine when the heat and humidity returned. We seem to finally be getting our summer here - hot and humid. Blessings