Thursday, September 25, 2014


Daughter came about 7:15 with her baked goods this morning to give me an early start.  It isn't as cool today so it wasn't hard to get out from under the covers.
Market was slow today as expected and I had time to check out some of the festive fall things for sale from my neighbors at market.
The Bittersweet wreaths are always a big hit.
Folks love these pumpkins with this growth all over them. I think it looks like they are covered with peanuts.
I was in a festive vest today waiting on customers.
I had long sleeves layed out to wear today but changed my mind in the warmer morning air and I was glad I did as it was humid and warm all day.
I left market, ran my regular errands and stopped at Aldi and Walmart on the way home. I got here about 4:30 and hurriedly unloaded the van.  I changed into a pink shirt and headed for daughter's volleyball game.
They were playing cross town rival East Henderson and both teams won pretty easily tonight.
This is daughter watching her team during her JV game.
The teams are raising money for cancer research this week and next so the varsity players were all in their pink jerseys today.

D-in-love, Rebekah and little Evy met me there .
In this picture taken by the paper photographer you can see me in the hot pink sweater and d-in-love in the gray top watching the game, Evy's cup is sitting on the bleacher between us while she and her mom went to load apples in daughter's car.

 Evy's favorite part is the music between matches and during the time-outs.  She is actually dancing in this picture.
G-son was also there but stayed on the top bleacher with his mom's I-pad for entertainment as he has no interest in volleyball.
We all left after the 2nd match with it looking like daughter's team had it pretty much sewn up and they did go on to win.
I came home and did the evening feeding chores and had a light supper as I haven't eaten since lunch and I was hungry.
Today has been another cloudy dreary day with about 2/10ths inch of rain falling overnight. The temperature is climbing into the mid 70's and it is still 63 at 10:30 tonight.
Grateful for the blessings of this day and for the grace God shows me each day as I strive to do His will .
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

You and your market look so festive. Warmer temps have set in here again also, but no rain. this morning we did have a very thick fog. Have a great weekend.