Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Up early and out to do the chores on another beautiful but hot morning.  After I had breakfast I shucked 5 ears of corn we had left from the dozen hubbie got from the market neighbor Saturday, blanched it and put it in the freezer, then I filled the dehydrator with the last of the roma tomatoes from the garden.
Rebekah has to go to work today for some training so little Evy came to stay with me awhile.
She looked so cute in her little outfit today I wanted a picture and she rewarded me with not only a smile but a wave as I took the pic.
She was so good this morning I had time to bake a couple wine cakes for market tomorrow while she played in the kitchen.
After lunch her mom came to pick her up just as a man came to buy the silkie roosters I had advertised for sale.
I spent some time this afternoon sweeping down all the spider webs around the sides of the house. Only this one I didn't have the heart to destroy as this beautiful spider clung to it.
Seeing all these webs are surely signs that fall cannot be fall away. Even if it doesn't feel like fall out here the signs are everywhere.
We have gourds growing all around, some planted, some just surprises.
On the well house.......
 In the fire pit patio.......
On the dog lot........
 See Mr. Bobwhite Quail peeping around the door ?

The Persimmons are also falling. I saved some seeds to cut open when they dry to see their prediction for this winter, more on that later.
The Sedom is turning a red fall color.
Redbud trees are filled with  seed pods.
I was surprised to see these two walnuts still laying in the driveway as everytime I see a squirrel lately they have a walnut in their mouth headed to a winter storage place.
The Lumbardy Poplar tree is always the first to drop its leaves.
Last but not least is the appearance of the  bright purple Beauty Berries .
 Yep, it looks like the seasons are getting ready to change and my favorite time of year is just around the corner. I always love to see spring come but I think I like the Fall season best of all.
 Like I said today didn't feel at all like Fall with temperatures pushing 90 degrees and bright sunshine. Tonight there was thunder and rain all around but as of 11:30 we are still dry here.
Aaron made in from Georgia today with a load of his cattle from down there. He has been down there since Saturday helping his friend put on a Rodeo.  He doubled the size of his herd with this one load of cows.  They seemed to be settling down this evening after the long hot ride.
I did chores, trimmed some more bushes and then came inside to do the weekly paperwork and pay bills before icing my cakes.
Thankful for another very blessed day and thankful for the wonderful creations God made for our enjoyment.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

I too have noticed a lot of signs of Fall. Trees changing colors, pumpkins turning orange, and strange bug behavior. Looking forward to cooler days and all the beautiful colors. Blessings