Friday, September 12, 2014


Another hot muggy morning as I did chores and came back inside to have breakfast.  I have a man coming this morning to buy seven of the Silkie chicks and one of the big roosters.  He is the same man who bought the Silkie roosters a couple weeks ago.  I told him then I wanted to wait a couple more weeks but he insisted that his son wanted them now to watch them grow.  I hope it works out okay for them.  They will have to have heat for awhile.
After he left I decided I had better start my baking for the day.  I baked 12 caramel,4 chocolate, 6 pound cakes and a blackberry wine cake then had a late lunch.
After I ate I heard a hawk squawking up near the chicken lots. I grabbed my camera and went up to the lots.All the chickens were under their houses and very quiet. I kept walking toward the squawks and suddenly the hawk flew out of the tree he was in. He was huge, I jerked the camera up and started snapping, trying to get a pic I could indentify him with but the best pic I got of his escaping flight was this one as he headed over the fields.

I should do some sewing this afternoon but just can not get in the right mood. I did remember that I had not done the month ending figures for August so I did get that done and get August in the books. It wasn't a bad month overall so I am thankful for that, however my expense percentage went up with the rising cost of my supplies. I am going to try to make it through the season before I have to raise my prices.
The rain started while I was working in my office and as I looked out the window I couldn't even see the trees because of the pouring rain. It rained really hard just for  a few minutes then slacked to a steady rain dropping 1/2" before it stopped just before chore time.
After chores the temperature dropped significantly and my 4-legged kids and I took up our cooler weather positions on the couch.

We are predicted to get over 3" of rain over night in front of a cold front that is dropping through our area tonight.
The weather right now all over the country is cooler and there is historical snowfall in the northern states.

This is this winter's snowfall predictions and if this early snowfall is an indication of what is to come we are in for an interesting winter.
After a short break  I was up and icing cakes for the market tomorrow.
I listened to the local highschool football game on the radio while I worked and it brought back memories of all our Friday night football times. I would always get so nervous that I couldn't eat before the games. After seeing several of his team mates get hurt during the games I was always fearful of serious injury to #1 son as he played all four years of highschool.
Thankful for another blessing filled day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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