Friday, September 19, 2014


Up and out on this busy Friday morning.  After chores and breakfast and a short walk in the still cloudy, cool morning it was into the kitchen for cake baking time. I baked 6 caramel, 3 chocolate, 5 pound and 1 apple wine cake. While the last cakes baked I took all the heat elements out of my stove top and gave it a good cleaning. Canning season always leaves a mess around the elements.
I had a late lunch then took a break out in the still cloudy afternoon to check out my new book I bought yesterday.  I skimmed through it to see if any of my ancesters were mentioned but I didn't seek any so that take the urgency out of reading it, haha !!
I cleaned out one of the smaller brooding boxes after moving the mama and 2 chicks into a bigger box. I still have 1 mama and 2 chicks in the other small box but don't want to put them together with the ones I just moved yet.
I pulled all the chickens some weeds which they greatly appreciated and then did the chores.
Rebekah came by to get some racks to hang clothes on at the church yard sale tomorrow. We helped her load up her things for sale.
Daughter brought her baked goods over after she finished helping the youth bake cookies to sell tomorrow. The yard sale is a fund raising project for the youth.  You rent a space for $10 then keep your profits from what you sell.  They had about 70 spaces to rent out but only about a third of them got rented.  I think they needed more advertisement.
On my walk today I noticed a lot of signs of the coming fall season.
 This bee likes this sweet little morning glory bloom nestled in the chickory plant.

 The colorful Heart Heel is a sign of cooler weather.
Gourds all around.
Muscadines hopefully will be ready before the first frost.
I spent the evening icing my cakes and getting things ready for market tomorrow.
Thanking God for the blessings of this day and asking for guidance always for tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.

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