Sunday, October 4, 2015


Thankfully we still have our electric this morning after a night of high winds and more rain.
As hubbie and I got ready to go up to church earlier than usual to help set up and greet folks at our 140th anniversary homecoming celebration.
The weather had an effect on the number we were expecting and also canceled one very special guest that was coming to speak. The Rev. Charles Stanley began his preaching career at our church many years ago and was coming to be a part of today's celebration but in this stormy weather he couldn't get here as his pilot thought it was too risky to fly.
We had a wonderful service and Rev. Hill did a wonderful job.

Several ladies dressed in different history periods and served as reminders from those periods.
A special little lady made her first appearance at church this morning, she sat with the rest of the family while mom played her violin during the service.
 She was fascinated by the activity and bright lights !
 Brother / sister love !!!!!!!!!
Re (with mic) and the associate pastor's wife Renae  sang a lovely closing song.

After the service there was a covered dish lunch but #1 son's family, daughter and hubbie and I came home to our own lunch. Several years ago I became violently ill after eating at one of these covered dish dinners and just can't bring myself to try it again.
We had a wonderful visit and #1 son's family spent the afternoon here so we could play with the g-kids and it was an awesome day.
These two are the cutest things !!!
As I did the evening chores I emptied another 7/10ths inch from the rain gauge from the overnight rain to bring our total here from this storm system to 5.1inches. A light mist has started falling tonight and the winds is still blowing but not as hard as last night.
While our area was spared any devastation that isn't the case in areas of SC. This system proved to be the historic rainfall event that was predicted for areas down there and it is still raining until tomorrow.
One of my favorite places to visit in Charleston, SC, the old "slaves" market was totally flooded.
Other areas that were very hard hit was Columbia and Lexington, SC.

And the bad news is it has rained there all day today and is going to rain until tomorrow afternoon getting additional inches.
With all this weather related news the college shooting in Oregon has taken a back seat in the news reports but the names of the victims were released and I wanted to post them so prayers could be said for each family.
Such a sad and senseless way for life to end for anyone. My prayers go out to these families who prayerfully will seek God's comfort during this time and can know that each of these did not deny Christ in this situation even when they knew it would cost them their lives.
In other news that came out today was this employment graph for Henderson County.
Looks like we are loosing ground again in the job department.
This has been a wonderful Sunday of family and friends and we are so grateful for the many blessings that come our way each day.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

Such nice pictures of your Church and family. Glad you got to spend the day with your grandchildren. I have been praying for all those being affected by the rains/flooding. That is so horrible. Also been praying for the families of those killed in OR. I am proud those young people stood up for their faith even in the face of death. Blessings