Saturday, October 31, 2015


HAPPY  HALLOWEEN   2015   !!!!!!!!!!!

Woke to a cloudy morning on this Halloween market day. Of course I dressed for the occasion !!
Many of the vendors had on Halloween vest and sweaters today to make the market a colorful festive looking place. Too bad there were very few customers to notice !  We had a very slow day. I think there was so many other festivities around town everyone was out celebrating with their kids.  I am thankful for what I did sell as always.
I got a phone call from Re just as I started to pack up to leave market saying Aa had ran over one of their dogs with the skid steer while he was working ground to lay sod. He didn't know how bad he ran over him so they wanted to take him to the vet. Both kids were down for naps so hubbie went over right away and waited until I could get there to sit with the kids while they slept.
Unfortunately Cinch could not be saved, his back was broken and his pelvis was crushed so the vet put him down.  Sadly they buried him on their farm when they got home.
BB woke before they got home but EL was still asleep when I left.  Both the kids loved that old dog who would let them do anything to him and just lay there.  R. I. P. Cinch .
As I waited for them to get home I took this photo out their front window, they have such a beautiful place.

When I came home hubbie was mowing the lawn for hopefully the last time of the season. He had to blow it clear of all the leaves before he mowed and before the rain starts tonight to make the leaves a soggy mess.
I unloaded the van and put things away then got out cords for all my Halloween outside lights.

D-in-love took g-son and met some friends in Chimney Rock to trick or treat the stores tonight. He dressed as Darth Vader.

Re made EL the cutest airplane costume and BB of course was the pilot !!
Just as I finished the evening chores a light rain sprinkle started falling to dampen everyone's Halloween spirit.
We didn't have any trick or treaters venture this far off the road as usual but I enjoyed putting out the lights and at least both son's came by and saw them anyway !!   #1 son to borrow a suit jacket from hubbie for a funeral he is in tomorrow and #2 son to do some work on the internet. He and his girl friend Tiffany who also works for the post office both have next week off so they decided to go spend the week in sunny Florida. He was searching for a place to stay for a week about mid way down on the gulf side. After a couple hours of internet searching and phone calls we had no luck find a place for the entire week that was directly on the beach. We will try again tomorrow.
The funeral #1 son is in is d-in-love's maternal grandfather in Tennessee. He passed away Thursday. He's been sick for a very long time.
As I look back over this month it is hard to remember much that has went on as the month seems to have passed like a flash in the night. The month had a dramatic beginning with 1000 year rainfall amounts in many areas to our south and devastating flooding. Fortunately we only had minor flooding. Starting out rainy and ending rainy left this the wettest October in the last 20 years with double the amount of  normal rainfall for the month.
We made our Fall flea market trip to Pickens and I kept busy going to volleyball games daughter coached and even a class reunion.  I also canned some late garden vegetables along with apples.
We had our first freeze on the 19th of the month this year.  As d-in-love went back to work after having g-daughter my baby-sitting duties started the last two weeks of the month. Market was really busy this month and I am thankful for the added income.
As I look forward to a new month tonight I leave this one with a thankful heart for the love and care God has shown my family.
I pray that everyone had a safe and happy Halloween tonight !!!
And remember to set your clocks back tonight !!!!!

Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

How could any child resist your house for "Trick or Treat". It looks so inviting. Our festivities were rained out this year. However, today the sun is shining. As soon as things dry out I get to mulch leaves again.

Have a wonderful Sunday. Blessings