Sunday, November 1, 2015


As I woke up and looked at the clock this morning I puzzled for a few minutes why there was so much daylight at this time of morning until I remembered this was the first morning off day light savings time.
I got up and did chores in a misty rain , slipping and sliding around on the muddy ground.
While I was out #2 son called and asked me to help him again with his vacation rental searching  so he came over after I had some breakfast.
We worked while hubbie went to help daughter teach their Sunday school class. We finally found an ocean front suite in a nice Marriott hotel on Treasure Island  around 11am . This is a really nice beach,we stayed there once when our kids were small and it was beautiful. Hubbie came in from church, he decided not to stay for preaching as he is feeling like he is catching a cold. So only Aa's family was at church today as #1 son's family was at d-in-love's grandfathers funeral in Tennessee and daughter left right after SS to go to Black Mountain to help set up one of her college friends baby shower.
We had lunch with #2 son and g-friend Tiffany and Aa, Re and the kids. We had pork roast, baked potatoes, corn on the cob and boiled cabbage with apple pie for dessert.
After lunch everyone left, #2 son and Tiffany decided to drive half the way this afternoon and get a hotel room along the way tonight, Aa and Re took the kids home for naps, hubbie and I looked for rainy day activities. He watched a race on TV and I worked on my blog book.
Hubbie had a Deacon's meeting at 3:30 so he left for that. We are not participating in our church's trunk or treat tonight as the indoor trunks gave us both head aches last year and I'm just kind of  over Halloween now !!!!  Sorry kids maybe next year will be better !!
Re and Aa took the kids up there early for a few minutes and then they stopped by here to show off their costumes .

This evening darkness seemed to come even sooner than the hour we "fell back " with all the clouds.
It will take a while to get used to the new time, although I really like this time better.
At 6:01 yesterday this is the weather cam for the local TV station.
And this was tonight at 6:03...............
I forgot to check the rain gauge this evening for the amount of rain today, the news said we had gotten about  2/10ths in our area. I will check in the morning. The predictions are for some heavier rain tonight. Looks like November this year is coming in like a wet lion !!
D-in-love sent this pic of g-daughter on her first long car ride as they drove to Tennessee and she said she did great. Thankful for traveling mercies for all the family today. It is over 4 hours each way to her grandparents house.
#2 son called tonight and said they stopped and found a hotel just across the Florida line to spend the night. He said they had to drive through a lot of rain all day and he was tired.Thankful for traveling mercies for them.
Grateful for the blessings of today and asking for forgiveness in all our shortcomings . On this first day of November I am very thankful for a loving Heavenly Father.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

I am not a big fan of daylight savings as it plays havoc with my internal clock. I prefer normal time as I need the daylight in the morning not in the evening. Happy to hear #1 son and family made the trip to TN okay. Your g-daughter looks so cute in her carseat. Stay dry and God bless you.