Saturday, November 28, 2015


7AM alarm this morning. It is still in the upper 40's to make this a strange feeling late November morning.
We did chores and got loaded and made it to market an hour earlier than usual. I got my table cloth changed and put out all the decorations before any customers stopped by. The market always provides free refreshments to our customers of cookies, crackers and cheese with hot apple cider.
The isles stayed pretty full of customers all morning. I had a lady come early for 5 caramel cakes so I was nervous that I would sell out of those but I did have some halves left. I sold pretty steady all morning. Hubbie left to meet #2 son at Walmart to show his truck that he has advertised to a couple and then head to Sam's Club. The folks who looked at the truck said they will be back next week with the money to buy it.
This is my outfit today, I couldn't get in a really festive mood so this apron and long usual Christmas skirt had to do.Plus with the above normal temperature today most of my holiday clothes are heavier so I opted for this to stay cool.
I stayed busy enough that I didn't have time for any more pictures today around market.
Daughter came in around noon and helped me the rest of the day. We had a really good selling day and are very thankful for the business.
We left and headed over to a couple little shops to look for some Christmas gifts. We each filled one slot on our list.
We didn't have too much time because we had to be at her house at 4:00 for her to host an Arbonne  skin care party. One of Josh's cousins is giving the party. We got there in plenty of time to get the food set up and things ready for the party.
Josh's mom and daughter's neighbor, Lila joined us for the party. Lila and I got a facial and  all of us got a foot soak which felt really good to my tired feet.
I ordered some of the anti-aging products so I will hopefully look at least 10 years younger in a few weeks !!!!!!!!
After I left daughters I stopped by Aldi and Ingles  for baking supplies and groceries on the way home.
I made it home around 7:30 tonight and hubbie helped me unload and get things put away.
I spent the evening catching up my blog and doing some online shopping.
Today was the toys for tots tractor run in town. There was a great turn out on this  beautiful day.

I have an idea that we better enjoy this brief period of warm weather because it looks like the winter is going to be a cool one.
I am behind at least two of the kids again this year on my Christmas tree trimming .
#2 son and Tiffany put up a huge ten foot tree tonight and it looks sooooo good with his high ceilings.

And daughter and Josh put up her tree tonight also.
I think they are both beautiful and makes me want to get mine out tonight, but I will wait until tomorrow afternoon at least.
Thankful tonight for the REASON for the SEASON !!!!
God Bless and Good Night.

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Gail said...

The trees are beautiful.

Glad market day was good. You work hard for that success. My mouth water when you number your cakes.

Have a blessed week.