Sunday, November 29, 2015


Started this Sunday morning not the typical way !!!
 Hubbie got up first to let Dolly and Bernie out for their morning run and came right back into the bedroom saying one of Aa's cows was out down on the road. He took the tractor and got a roll of hay while I watched to make sure she didn't decide to get in the road.
With the hay in the pasture and all the other cattle eating  we thought she would walk up and go through the gate,right !!!  The cow had other ideas and crossed the road to explore #1 son's yard. Luckily there was very little traffic and hubbie was able to stop the couple cars that came along until I could get her back across the road and through the gate.Whew !!!  All together again !!
She had broke several of the wire holders off the post so hubbie replaced all the broken ones.

And of course as usual we got rained on. Cattle never get out on nice warm pretty days !!!
We had breakfast and then did chores and got ready for church.
These two were very good this morning !!!
After church lunch was a huge turkey pot pie !!!  It was very good.  #1 son's family and daughter and Josh joined us.
After lunch g-daughter had a nice nap on pawpaw's lap.
When they all left hubbie and I relaxed for awhile as it is a pretty messy afternoon with light rain.
We are just getting the rainfall from the 3rd winter storm, Cara, as she exits the country .We have 100% chance of rain tonight and tomorrow.
Just as Cara exits the 4th winter storm was named today as Delphi starts dropping snowfall across the mid western states.
Hubbie and I did chores a little early tonight to get up to church to our annual Hanging of the Greens service at church to kick off the holiday season.
The trees were naked and all the decorations were in the floor waiting to be lifted into positions.

Pastor lit the "Hope" candle to begin the Advent season.

 G-son was one of the three Wisemen and they had reading parts as well as the three of them sang We Three Kings. They did a great job.

I am so thankful for the number of kids around these ages that are attending out church and so involved in everything. It reminds me of the large group that was there when my three kids were there.

The congregation each had ornaments for the trees and as we sang Christmas carols we hung our ornaments. I am the second from last lady on the right side in black in the line going to the tree.

The kids got all the extra ornaments and hung each one on the trees. G-son was a willing participant !
As we concluded the service the trees and wreaths were lit and the season was officially started !!
(that's d-in-love behind the music stand with her violin)
G-daughter enjoyed her first Hanging of the Greens service in her dad's lap.

There was snacks in the fellowship hall after the service but our family all came home. It was now pouring rain and by the looks of all the ponding water on the road it had been pouring for quite a while.
#2 son came by for left overs after we got home. He is going to try to go to work again tomorrow as his herniated vertebrae gets slowly better.  He doesn't know if he will be able to do anything or not until he tries. He doesn't go to the spine doctor until Wednesday.
Hubbie and I relaxed and listened to the pouring rain the rest of the evening.
Thankful tonight for God's great gift to mankind with the birth of His only Son so that we may have the Hope that comes with a Heavenly eternity.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

I love your Churches tradition of The Hanging of the Green. What a beautiful way to start Advent. The final picture you posted looks so beautiful. You have a lovely church. Blessings
P.S. I am praying for healing for #2 son .