Tuesday, November 10, 2015


UHHHHH  !!!!!!  What is that bright ball of light I see this morning peeping through the trees !!!
Mr. Sunshine I haven't seen you in so long I hardly recognized you !!!!
As I dressed this morning my memory was jogged by this sweatshirt I was putting on.
I bought this sweatshirt for my mother-in-law Maxine a lot of years ago. We stopped with the kids at Strawberry Hill one year probably on the way to or from the cattle auction barn in Chesnee, SC and I bought the shirt for a gift from the kids to her. Probably for Christmas as I don't remember doing any other gift giving.  When I think back I never saw her wear this sweatshirt and sweatshirts were a big part of her attire. When she died I found it hanging in her closet,brand new. I wear it now regularly as it is very comfortable. Each time I put it on I think of her and wonder why she never wore the shirt ?
Maxine kept her distance from all her grandchildren. My #1 son and daughter spent one night each with this grandmother and I don't know of any visits from #2 son or my niece and  nephew either for overnight stays.
More memories as I get started on my decade series with a photograph from November 1985 of the three kids. #2 son did not like pictures !!!!

After chores and breakfast I called to check when the repairmen were scheduled to come work on my ovens. They should be here between 1:30 and 3:30. Now I need to decide what my schedule will be.
I decided to take the rugs and heavy furniture and bed covers out to the laundry since this is going to be a warm sunny day.
I had everything loaded and arrived at the laundry shortly after 10:30. I got the two bigger machines and even met a neighbor , Libby, there to chat with while our laundry washed.
I was home by 11:45 with all the covers dried. I hung all the rugs out on the clothes lines to soak up the warm sunshine.

After lunch I cleaned house until the repairmen came about 2:00. They replaced both heat probes in the ovens and re-calabrated both ovens.  They seemed to be working fine before they left. Hopefully this is the fix we are looking for.
After they left I finished vacuuming and mopping all the floors.
I walked around outside while the floors dried. The evening shadows get long early these days.

 Looks like my Burning Bushes may get their bright red color yet.
Love the weather of the next couple days but no so much the cold coming this weekend.
After hubbie came in from work he helped gather all the dried rugs off the lines and get them put away then we did chores.
Hubbie has a sore shoulder today from a fall he took early this morning. Annie and Flash, our outside dogs who stay in lots at night woke him about 4am with constant high pitched barking. He went outside to see what they were barking at and saw three stray dogs in our yard. He yelled at the dogs to get out of the yard and turned to come back in the house. He slipped on the wet steps and fell onto the porch. He said he couldn't believe I didn't wake up as he knocked everything off the porch and made a huge noise. I slept through it all , even the barking dogs, which is a bit scary !!!!
Hubbie is taking tomorrow off to stay here with g-son while daughter, d-in-love, Re, and another of daughter's bridemaids,Kendra and me go wedding dress shopping in Greenville,SC. At least he will get to rest his shoulder as he and g-son relax for a day off.
I baked 4 pound cakes tonight so I won't have to bake tomorrow night unless an order comes in during the day tomorrow.  So far my ovens worked great with no shut offs !!!!!!
I am thankful tonight for the opportunity to help daughter in the plans for one of the happiest days of her life.  Praying for traveling mercies for tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Your children were so cute in that picture. Can't believe how bare your yard looks now that Fall is in full swing. Praying your hubby's shoulder gets better quickly. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you ovens are now fixed for good. Blessings