Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Woke this morning with a thankful heart !!  This is Veterans day and I am so very thankful for all the brave men and women that fought and fight to keep the freedom we have in this country.
These two Veterans of World War 11 were featured in the newspaper today. Billy Welch and Dudley Brown  look a bit different today but their hearts are still military through and through. Thank God for the soldiers of yesteryear and of today.

My day started early as I got up at 7:30 to get the chores done and get ready to go with daughter to look for her wedding dress. Hubbie took today off to spend it with g-son while we were shopping.
D-in-love, g-daughter, Re, EL, BB and another bridesmaid Kendra went with us. Re followed us so she could leave early for the kids to get naps.
Daughter had made appointments at three different wedding shops in a close area in Spartanburg, SC.
The first appointment was at 10:00 this morning. With our Starbucks wake-up drinks in hand we headed south. Everyone else rode with me in my Pilot.
The number of different styles of dresses was over whelming. Daughter narrowed it down with several personal style choices.

These two loved this kind of shopping and took advantage of the mirrrors and pedestals while daughter was in the dressing room.

El was a big help carrying the long trains of the dresses. (and by the way this is not the dress daughter chose) !!!
There was a dress on the manaquin in the window in this first shop that daughter asked to try on. It was a new style and she was the first to even try it on. It was a beautiful dress and suited daughter's figure perfectly.  Judging by EL's reaction to the dress you can tell how good it looked on daughter.
We left here and went to have lunch at Jason's Deli just down the road.
We made the 12:30 appointment at another shop and daughter found a dress there that she really liked also. It had a lot more designing in it and was really vintage looking, almost Victorian but it looked good on daughter. They didn't have it in her size so we weren't sure how it would really look in her actual size.
A more subdued group of advisors now !!!
After this stop Re and the kids came home to get a late nap in.
On we went to the third 2:30 appointment at David's Bridal in the same area.  I was very disappointed in the service here as we waited patiently until 2:45 and then had to ask someone to help us while about 6 or 8 other associates seemed to be having an in store meeting in the dressing room area, leaving one poor sales girl trying to wait on 2 customers.  Daughter didn't find a dress there she liked but did settle on a color and style of bridesmaid dresses. Since some of her bridesmaid live out of our area it will be easier for them to get dresses at the David's Bridal in their own towns and it will be the same dress.
Back we went to the first stop and the dress out of the window. She put it back on and the smile didn't leave her face as she decided for sure this was "the one ". The best part since no one else had tried the dress on and it was a new arrival and fit her perfectly except for being shortened when she picks her shoes she got to bring her dress home with her and at a 10% discount.
 Another wedding task crossed off the list !!!!!!
We made it home at 5:15 after a hard day of shopping but feeling very accomplished.
After showing it to her dad she took it to be stowed away in a secret spot until closer to the big day.
We did have to order the veil so we will have to make a shopping trip back to Spartanburg after Christmas.
Hubbie  and g-son had spent the day clearing leaves from the yard for the third time and #2 son, who was off today as well, came by and helped clean all the wire panels from the garden leaving it clean and taking away these three rooster's hiding places. Hopefully they are too big for the hawks to carry off.
These three roosters have really done their job since we put them in the rabbit guard fencing around the garden as they have scratched all the paper into the soil and scattered all the dead plants.
The green in the back ground is our Kale, Collards and Turnips we are enjoying.
After chores and supper I did weekly paperwork. I had some extra time tonight so I did the month ending paperwork for October. It was a pretty good month for me and for that I am very thankful.
Hubbie and I watched Survivor on TV and then I got things ready for market tomorrow.
I am tired tonight but it has been a great day.
As the sun goes down on this Veteran's Day 2015 I am humbly thankful tonight for our Veterans and for the blessings from our Heavenly Father as He is the one who has made America a great nation.
IN  GOD  WE  TRUST  !!!!
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

I am so happy your daughter found her wedding dress. The smile on her face says it all. I'm sure the little ones had a good time with all the excitement. Can't wait to see your daughter in her dress. Blessings