Sunday, November 15, 2015


Up to the coldest temps of the season, 28 degrees this morning.
Re called with some bad news that her SUV broke down last night on the way home and Aa had to take a wrecker after them.  Thankfully they made it home okay.
Church was good this morning , finishing up the book of Habakkuk. We also added 3 new members during invitation time. All the glory to God !!
We had #1 son's family and daughter and Josh for lunch of smoked ham , green beans, slaw, potatoes and some of the left overs from last nights 7-layer salad and corn casserole.
#2 son who has not been feeling well came by later for plates for him and Tiffany.
G-son spent the afternoon here and went with hubbie and me to Tractor Supply to get chicken feed with a 10% off coupon that expires tomorrow.
When we got home hubbie went over to daughters to put new elements in her hot water heater. Josh was there to help him while daughter went to a friends skin care party.
I relaxed while g-son watched TV and played.
I did the evening chores a little early in case Aa didn't make it home in time for Re to go to work but he made it.
These three roosters have done a really good job of scratching apart all the paper we put in the garden plus have ate a lot of grubs from the ground. They are also enjoying our fresh greens.
After chores g-son left for church, hubbie got home from daughters and since Aa got home in time and EL and BB didn't come over I sat down with a hot cup of green tea to watch the news.
I could not keep my eyes open, maybe this busy weekend has finally caught up with me but I knew if I napped at this point of the day there would be no sleeping tonight so I got up and found something to do until I got a second wind.
With no more pics for today I will continue my decade photos in the year of 2005.
On a sad note in November that year I lost a special friend who had been the sister I never had. And since she too was raised with 2 brothers it worked out for both of us. My cousin Sam married a lady named Delores in his second marriage. They moved into our rental trailer for a couple years and Delores and I became very close. They moved into her mother's house after her mother passed away and we still got together a lot. She developed bone cancer and died shortly after being diagnosed.

During that month #1 son was still hard at work leveling out the land we gave him for his first home place. Some times he was alone,working both the track hoe and the dump truck.

The ground was so rocky there was nothing to do with all the dirt he hauled out. So we put it in front of our single wide rental trailer.

A lot of days he would work all day and come home and work  after dark moving dirt.
Cousin Bob operated the bulldozer to smooth the rocky dirt.
It was heart warming to watch all these guys come together to help out.
He used all the bigger rocks to build a beautiful wall lining the bank behind his house.

November 2005 was another busy month for our family.
We are bracing for another below freezing night tonight as 30 is predicted then we warm up and get rain again.
Thankful tonight for the freedom to worship with my church family and for the love and protection of our Heavenly Father.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Love all our old pictures; they are so interesting to me. Those roosters deserve a reward for all their hard work. Blessings