Thursday, November 19, 2015


At least the rain has stopped as I wake this morning. Hubbie took today off to help me get to market this morning and drive son to his doctor's appointment this afternoon.
Our families bad week continues as daughter called this morning to say that she had taken her fiance Josh to the emergency room about midnight with kidney stones. They spent almost 3 hours in there and he was prescribed the same pain meds as son and they had made him very sick. UHHHHHH !!!! 
We did morning chores and then headed to market. Judging by the amount of water still standing in the bottom pasture the creek did jump it's banks last night.
I got to market a little early but the aisles were empty and pretty much stayed that way all day. I did sell more than I did last Thursday so for that I am thankful.
Hubbie left to come home to turn the cattle back into the lower pasture and have lunch before going with son.
After market I made stops at the bank, the PO, Aldi and Walmart and got home around 4:00.
Hubbie was already here after dropping son at his house. The doctor didn't do anything today for son but order an MRI so she could she what was going on in his neck.  He was not happy !!!  She refused a different pain medicine since he had already been prescribed one.
Daughter called and said when she called the hospital back about Josh's pain med sickness she was told the same thing but they did call him in some anti-nausea pills so she said she would bring #2 son a couple of them so he could try them if he wanted to try the pain meds again.
As I came home and drove by our pastures there was still a lot of water standing in them and the Mallard ducks were making the best of an expanded farm pond.

It has been a really nice sunny mid 60's day today. A great recovery from the gloom of yesterday !!
Hubbie helped me unload and put things away.
We had a snack then did evening chores in a much nicer drier evening. All the animals acted like they were surely happier today.
There was a beautiful sunset this evening.
Right on the heels of the first named winter storm that brought us all the rain yesterday before he moved off the east coast today comes the second named winter storm, Bella.
This one looks to move across the country to the north of our area but we are going to feel the brunt of the cold temps she is bringing with her.
I see our first wood stove fires this weekend !!!!!!
Thankful to God tonight for the love He shows me each day and praying again for #2 son as he endures these next days with the pain in his neck and arm.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

I am so sorry to hear about all your bad news. My hubby had kidney stones not too long ago and the pain meds just made him sick.. Do the doctors know about the side affects of this crap they are prescribing? And then if they do why won't they prescribe something else or at least give you a different one if the first makes you sick. Grrrrrr I remember that years ago there was an over the counter med called Emetrol that was just for nausea. Maybe that would work on son#2 and Josh. The winter storm is expected to arrive here late tonight and tomorrow bringing 3-8 inches of snow. Have a great weekend. Blessings