Sunday, November 22, 2015


A cool morning today as I hurried through chores to get ready for church. I was a greeter this morning so I got there a little early.
We had a special Baptismal service today as three folks gave their lives to Christ. Two of them were the twin brother and sister of one of the girls that went to school with my kids. She is a devoted Christ follower and it was so great to watch her kids following in her footsteps.
They receive their candles to go be lights in a darkening world.

Along with them an older lady was also Baptized.It is always great to see older people devote their lives to Christ. May all the glory be to God !!
Everyone made it to lunch except daughter and Josh,who still isn't feeling well from his kidney stones and #2 son who is still not able to drive but is feeling some better today, thanks be to God for the pain relief.
I took hot plates of lunch for #2 son  and Tiffany before I ate.  It was good to see him walking around a little straighter than he has all week. Daughter and Josh were picking something up on their way home from church.
  We had roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans and boiled cabbage.
After a short visit everyone went their way this afternoon. G-son stayed here while his mom ran to Sam's Club.
Hubbie and I put away our lawn chairs for the winter and turned off the outside water getting ready for tonight's low 20's temps.
After g-son left we made a trip to the WNC farmers market in Asheville to get some oranges. This is the emptiest I have ever seen this market. There were only a couple vendors selling citrus fruit.
There were a few Christmas tree vendors already there in the outside spaces.

As we left we noticed there was some snow on the distant mountain tops from last night.
We made a stop at Sam's Club on the way home since hubbie didn't get there yesterday.
Back home it was chore time and the animals were ready for some warm food on this cold mid 30's windy evening.
We have had a fire in our downstairs wood stove all day and it has felt really good while listening to the wind outside tonight.
After a short rest while watching the news I did my one Sunday a year baking . I baked 18 caramel cakes tonight so I can do my icing in two different time frames tomorrow. If I can get 12 cakes iced in the morning and give my back a break I can ice  more tomorrow night.  I have 28 cakes already ordered for this Thanksgiving and expect more orders to come in tomorrow. Daughter also has several orders for Tuesday at market.
Thankful for a wonderful Sunday and for the blessings God sent my way today.
God Bless  and Good Night

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linda m said...

i am so happy to hear #2 son is getting some pain relief. Praise God. Also happy to hear about the baptisms. Very cold here today. We are in a deep freeze right now. Too bad I have to go out in this stuff - my cars airbag light came on over the weekend. This after I just had the airbag replaced due to a recall. Sometimes I think a horse and buggy were more efficient than cars. Blessings